Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dharma Welcome Banner and Logo

 First there was Gilligan's Island, where a merry bunch was kept on an island. This was the first generation of the wonderful fantastic American Islands from imagination.  Enchanted by the rich and silly characters the show, it touched a timeless spot in the heart of America transcending generations of the television age. Its timeless chant was "Skipper!" as uttered by the lovable and hair brained Gilligan.

Then there was Fantasy Island.  Somehow the spirit of this island of American Dreams would pit karma and lessons of life and love into a nightly drama that warmed the soul and address matters that were therapeutic for all to see. Its catch phase would be, "Dee Plane, Dee Plane."  It was on this island, issues of the heart would come to expression and resolve under the guidance of a mysterious island - Fantasy Island. 

In the third great epic of American Islands from afar, is Lost.  Mature, serious, sometimes silly and oftentimes heartfelt. This island mixed up all the original elements of drama, love, action, fantasy with a heavy dash of mystery.

 Destiny?  Chance? Do we choose to be suckers or is their a higher calling for a spiritual purpose?  The running signature line of this fantastic island is "If we can't live together, we are going to die alone."

In the background of these pictures you can see the Dharma Logo and welcome banner when some of the passengers from flight Oceanic Airlines 815 are transported to 1974.  The Dharma logo would vary in the middle position to denote the status of each person as worker, security, officer, etc.


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