Saturday, May 16, 2015

Temporal Badge Rank For 248 Years and 246 Years

The Pluto rank uses purple, black, and green.  This badge is for entities that have been around since 1767.  The United States has not yet earned this badge.  But the United States of America will age to a Plutonian Rank in the year 2024.  Nice thing is that it was an American that discovered Pluto in the first place as the 9th planet.  At the moment the Old World has near monopoly on the Plutonian Rank.

The symbol for the Anti-Pluto planet Orcus 90486 is based upon the symbol for Pluto reversed.  It just beats out Pluto by 2 years, or nearly so.  It's orbit always puts it on the opposite side from Pluto.  As Pluto gets nearer Orcus goes far away, but vice verse when Orcus is near, Pluto is far.  From Orcus's point of view Pluto is the Anti-Orcus planet.

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