Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dharma Welcome Banner and Logo

 First there was Gilligan's Island, where a merry bunch was kept on an island. This was the first generation of the wonderful fantastic American Islands from imagination.  Enchanted by the rich and silly characters the show, it touched a timeless spot in the heart of America transcending generations of the television age. Its timeless chant was "Skipper!" as uttered by the lovable and hair brained Gilligan.

Then there was Fantasy Island.  Somehow the spirit of this island of American Dreams would pit karma and lessons of life and love into a nightly drama that warmed the soul and address matters that were therapeutic for all to see. Its catch phase would be, "Dee Plane, Dee Plane."  It was on this island, issues of the heart would come to expression and resolve under the guidance of a mysterious island - Fantasy Island. 

In the third great epic of American Islands from afar, is Lost.  Mature, serious, sometimes silly and oftentimes heartfelt. This island mixed up all the original elements of drama, love, action, fantasy with a heavy dash of mystery.

 Destiny?  Chance? Do we choose to be suckers or is their a higher calling for a spiritual purpose?  The running signature line of this fantastic island is "If we can't live together, we are going to die alone."

In the background of these pictures you can see the Dharma Logo and welcome banner when some of the passengers from flight Oceanic Airlines 815 are transported to 1974.  The Dharma logo would vary in the middle position to denote the status of each person as worker, security, officer, etc.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Northampton County Flag

The Northampton County flag of Pennsylvania has the Easton flag on its shield.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mr. Cluck's Restaurant Flag from Lost Television Series - 2010

Mr. Cluck's Japan, Shizuoka Prefecture - Mt. Fuji
 On the Lost television series produced on abc, a unique flag appears during the final season.  The flag is based upon a restaurant called Mr. Cluck's.  Something like Popeye's Chicken or KFC.  In this show a person by the name of Hugo became thr leading CEO and climbs the planet placing his franchises all across the world. 

 Here the CEO of Mr. Clucks is Hugo Reyes, better known as "Hurley."  Hurley wins the lottery and is able to take over the Mr. Cluck's franchise.  Hurley was played by Jorge Garcia of Nebraska. 

Here the livery of the corporation's colours can be seen.  Hugo initially started off as a lowly front line man on the registers who took orders from the mean-hole boss.  But fate stepped in and changed his life forever.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Temporal Badge Rank for 11,400 Years

The Sedna Rank uses red and navy blue.  Ancient artifacts by ancient peoples have earned this rank.

Temporal Badge Rank for 4444 Years

2012 vp Angel Rock uses the colours indigo and white.  Roughly the age when the Pharaohs Reigned.

Temporal Badge Rank for 558 Years

The Eris Rank Badge uses black and white colours.  In the year 2334 the USA will finally earn an Eris Rank.

Temporal Badge Rank For 248 Years and 246 Years

The Pluto rank uses purple, black, and green.  This badge is for entities that have been around since 1767.  The United States has not yet earned this badge.  But the United States of America will age to a Plutonian Rank in the year 2024.  Nice thing is that it was an American that discovered Pluto in the first place as the 9th planet.  At the moment the Old World has near monopoly on the Plutonian Rank.

The symbol for the Anti-Pluto planet Orcus 90486 is based upon the symbol for Pluto reversed.  It just beats out Pluto by 2 years, or nearly so.  It's orbit always puts it on the opposite side from Pluto.  As Pluto gets nearer Orcus goes far away, but vice verse when Orcus is near, Pluto is far.  From Orcus's point of view Pluto is the Anti-Orcus planet.

Temporal Badge Rank 165 Years

The colours of Neptune are black and blue.  The generational family flag, represents the age which people can acquire memories and pass them on in the real life without relying on books or written words. 

Many Nations and Corporations have a Neptunian Rank.  Basically any Nation or company that has been around since 1850 has earned a Neptunian Badge. 

Temporal Badge Rank - 84 Years

The highest temporal badge rank is the Uranus Rank.  It is earned after a person has over 30,687 days worth of experience.  The primary colours are silver and gold.  Wise souls of this rank know the patterns of people, yet often keep it secret. Persons born in 1931 will gain a Uranus Birth rank as of 2015. Thus right now anyone born in the 1920s and 1910s has an Uranus Age Rank.

Temporal Badge Rank - 76 Years

The Halley's Comet Badge is given to persons who have lived over 76 years, since one year on this comet lasts about 76 Earth years.  The astrological symbol is a combination of the lower case h and y, since these letters are the first and last letters of Halley.

Lucky humans get to see the comet arrive twice in their life time.  The most recent time was back in 1986, but it will revisit us in 2061.  And what a strange new planet this Earth will be when it returns.  As cyborgs and genetically modified persons will soon populate our planet. 

Temporal Badge Rank - 63 Years

The Chariklo Temporal Badge Rank is for persons who have done something for more than 63 years.  If you didn't know Chariklo is a minor planet that has it's own system of rings.  It is small and mysterious. 

Temporal Badge Rank - 50 Years

A few people have been married for 50 years or work for an organization as long, thus they have earned the Chiron Rank Badge.  To restate its time frame, it is more precisely 18,539 days worth of experience points, which is more than 50 years.  Note this rank like Venus Rank is rounded down.

Temporal Badge Rank - 30 Years

Imagine doing something for more than 10,760 days?  Well then you have earned a Saturn Rank Badge.  This amounts to about twenty nine and a half years worth of experience points. 

Temporal Badge Rank - 12 Years

The Jovian Rank is for persons who have accrued over 4333 days of experience.  This can be rounded to 12 years or 11.8 to be more precise.

Temporal Badge Rank - 5 Years: Ceres Rank

The temporal badge rank for Ceres is earned after five years of experience.

Temporal Badge Rank - 2 Years

The Mars temporal badge rank can be given to persons who have served 687 days doing something: be study, work, play, or love.  

Temporal Badge Rank - 1 Year

The Earth Rank Badge is given to persons who have earned a year of experience at a particular vocation.  It lasts for about two years or 687 days.  Afterwards ones temporal rank will jump to the next heavenly body - Mars Rank.

Temporal Badge Rank - Half a Year

The temporal rank is perhaps the loosest rank.  Usually it takes 224 days to complete a circuit on Venus, which makes this about 7 and half months.  But Venus can be rounded down or up to 8 or 6 months, as method to mark level of experience before one hits the established Earth Rank.

Temporal Badge Rank - 3 Months

The second temporal Family Rank is the Mercurial Rank.  It indicates that this person has been a part of an organization for one year on Mercury, which is about 88 days.  The Mercury Rank lasts until the Venus Rank comes up.  Thus a person is Mercury rank from 3 to 8 months, depending on when Venus Rank Cut off is set.

Temporal Badge Rank - One Month

After one has worked, participated, served, or studied a particular subject they have earned a Lunar Rank.  The Lunar Rank ranges from 1 to 3 months.  It stops at the third month, because that is when the Mercury Rank promotion is in order.  Since it takes about 88 days for Mercury to complete a cycle around the Sun. 

Note the Lunar Rank is the first rank of temporal "Family Ranks."

Temporal Badge Ranks - Less than a Month

Temporal Badge Ranks indicate how long a person has been doing something.  The symbol of the Sun is modified to show progress under a month.  Thus if a person does something for less than one day then they have earned the one point badge of the Flyby.  But if a person accrues one week of experience they earn a circle - solar symbol of the sun.  Two circles indicates at least two weeks of experience, three circles indicates three weeks of experience.  After one month of experience the person is promoted to the Lunar Badge.

Temporal Rank Chart - Planetary Timing for Experience

Depending on how long you have been working at a place, here are temporal badges that indicate time with a particular organization.  It can also be used to indicate time periods.  Thus whence you turn a certain age for Family, Authority, and Royal ranks that means you are one year old by that heavenly bodies definition.  But note the early friendly ranks, deal with time frames less than a month.

Also note when adapting temporal planetary badges to an organization it is permissible to change the style of shield and colours. Let's say you only worked at Mack & Manco's Pizza for only one hour to six days, then you are able to wear the first point badge of experience.  But once you work one week, your dot gains a circle, then with two weeks a second circle, three weeks a fourth circle.  Also note the colours can be adapted to the organizations colours.  Note it is a good idea to offer bonuses, promotions, and extra privileges at each leveling up, if this does not happen then you are essentially a slave, and should quit and boycott that place.

 Below is an example for a persons who may have worked for Mack & Manco's Pizza.  Also note that each region of the US has its own style of Pizza: New York City, Chicago, etc.  But this is New Jersey's finest pizza, it is worth a try if you happen to visit the Garden State.  This is one of America's finest most original pizzas.  The Best Pizza of New Jersey!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Oceanic Airlines flag from the television series Lost

 Oceanic Airlines is the fictional airline carrier that mysteriously crashes on an island.  Here the Oceanic Six have returned to the United States and are having a press conference to discuss what happened and how they came back.  Lost aired on abc from 2004 to 2010.

Here is a reproduction of the fictional airline as it would be fully unfurled.

Monday, May 4, 2015

New Empire/Imperial Insignia for Star Wars the Force Awakens

A super sized vexilloid makes an appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2015.  In this case it seems to be a sixteen pointed Star of Vega like icon surrounded by a hexagon.  The rays from the sun or star burst have solid square ends making it look like a flower or galactic dandelion of sorts.
This pattern is similar to the Japanese Imperial Sunburst and Macedonian Star, both icons have 16 rayed stars.
May the 4th be wit-you

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Galapagos Geographic Span Flag

The Galapagos Geographic Span flag has colours and patterns the indicate the rage of longitudes and latitudes that these islands can be found at.  Since we have a blue canton it denotes it is in the Western Hemisphere.  Since the Galapagos spans both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, its flag has upward and downward pointing stars.  The upward pink and orange stars indicate that the most western longitude of the Galapagos is at 92 Degrees West, while the downward black and pink stars indicate that the most eastern land area of the Galapagos is at 89 Degrees West.  The smaller stripes always indicate the northern most reach of the Galapagos at 01 Degrees North, while the larger stripes always indicate the most southern reach of the these islands at 01 Degrees South.  Again since the Geographic span of the Galapagos crosses the equator it has stars pointed up and down.

Galapagos Grid Longitude Latitude Flags

The Galapagos Islands lie at a providential latitude and longitude.  Right on the equator and upon the Middle Mirror Meridian at 90 Degrees.

Grid Flag for Puerto Villamil: 12 Degrees North 90 Degrees West

Grid Flag for Puerto Baquerizo Mereno: 00 Degrees South, 89 Degrees West

Flag for Triple Region of Senegal, Mali, and Guinea

This Grid Longitude-Latitude flag represents the area grid of 12 Degrees North and 11 Degrees West.  By amazing coincidence it looks similar to the flag of Chile, but it contains two triple points of geographic significance.  On this area Senegal, Mali, and Guinea meet at three nations.  And the Fuata Djallon region lies on this grid which is were the Gambia River, Niger River, and Senegal Rivers begin.

Grid Longitude-Latitude Area Flag Key

Friday, May 1, 2015

UCLA Pennant in Small Wonder the 1980s television show

Imagine having a robotic sister?  Well some people really did in the 1980s.   In the television show Small Wonder "Vicky" came to life on television screens and the family drama was acted out in total cheese puff eighties style.

Tiffany Brissette stars as a robot sister with amazing abilities.  If Data from Star Trek the Next Generation is the it bot boy of the 1980s then V.I.C.I. is the it bot girl of the 1980s.  And just for the record, Vicky is older than Data.

Flags and Vexilloids in Debbie Gibson's - Out of the Blue 1987

Out of the Blue is an album that is totally insulated from the 1970s and far enough from the 1990s.  It is a classic epitome 1980s culture in a time box. 

Sometimes things come at you from Out of the Blue, which is like a random old friend or a realization that your perception of some one can change on in a split second from stale friendship to admiration or deep love.  In this song Debbie Gibson points this feeling out to her fellow generational cohorts in honest 80s pop cadence.

Debbie notices these feeling while reminiscing through a photo album.  Other vexilloids like times are the classic fringed birthday banners and streamers hanging from the ceiling.