Sunday, April 26, 2015

US flag in the Celestine Prophecy - 2006

US flag makes a small appearance in the Celestine Prophecy film from 2006.  Just the field of red and white stripes can be seen.  Coincidentally this history teacher will be traveling to a nation whose colours are red and white - Peru.  Although a small coincidence, it just happens to end up that way.

If you are interested in exploring synchronicity or seeking a spiritual experience, this movie and book can help, a self help book that takes you on an adventure.  Before the Secret there was the Celestine Prophecy from 1993, it articulated nine steps to help one increase a spiritual understanding. If you enjoyed the movie the you should definitely read the book! 

This movie could get a reboot with J.J. Abrams as the director.  If somebody like Abrams does it, no doubt the essential points of James Redfield will make more sense to people who really need to hear his message.

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