Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spratly Island Latitude-Longitude Span Flag

The Geographic Latitude-Longitude flag is a type of geographic flag that spans an area.  In this case the colours represent numbers and their positions on the flag represent certain latitudes and longitudes.  The canton is made up of stars that represent longitude.  The field represents latitude and is represent by horizontal stripes.

From 07 to 11 Degrees North we have the colours white-purple to represent 07 and red-red to represent red for the span of latitude.

In the canton, stars represent longitude.  In this case three red stars represent the western end of the Spratly Island from 111 Degrees East.  The bottom line of stars represents the latitude of 114 Degrees West: red-red-green.

The Geographic Latitude-Longitude Flag is a neutral scientific-flag based upon the lines of latitude and longitude for a specific area.  In this case it can be used to represent the Spratly Islands since national dominion is hotly debated between several nations. 

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