Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Scotland-England Equal Latitude Flag

The Scotland-England Equal Latitude flag can be flown anywhere in the United Kingdom where the main bodies of Scotland and England are parallel to each other.  Scotland is strongly associated with the North while England is associated with the South.  But at a certain latitude of nearly One Degrees from 54 Degrees 38 Minutes North to 55 Degrees 48 Minutes North, Scotland and England are aligned eye to eye. England is north of Scotland as Scotland is south of England.

Thus the cities of Carlisle, Portpatrick, and Londonderry can fly this geographic flag.  Note that a few cities are set on the boarder, like Belfast.  In Canada the city of Athabasca, Alberta is also found in this area. 

The Scotland-England Equal Latitude flag is basically quartered into four areas.  The upper fly and lower hoist quarters show English flag dominance, but the upper hoist and lower fly show Scottish flag dominance.  The English Red Cross is given a bit extra area, but to balance the equation the Scottish flag's bend has complete dominance over the coveted center spot.

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