Saturday, April 4, 2015

Pizza Planet Logo from Toy Story - 1995

In 1995 Pizza Planet came to life on the big screen as one setting in Toy Story. Of vexillological note is the Pizza Planet logo or badge.  It consists of pepperoni pizza with a ring around it, as if it were Saturn.

Aliens made specifically for Pizza Planet, this can be deduced since they have a Pizza Planet logo on their chest.
Pizza Planet also like any good institution puts is pizza logo on its cups.
At the center of every Pizza Planet is a video arcade.  You can see the Pizza Planet with it's delicious ring of sauces.  Rumor has it that Pizza the Hut from Spaceballs came from this planet.
In the original version the Toyota delivery pizza truck actually spelled out "TOY" to honor toy story, but this was considered too tacky.  Also note back in the mid 90s and 80s pizza delivery places used to own their own fleet of cars.  But this practice eventually went to the wayside as to protect commanding officers in Pizza Corps. 

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