Saturday, April 4, 2015

Flags in Boxtrolls 2014

Laika does it again, the Boxtrolls is cinematic sculpture at its finest.  More working art rather than plain old still life art.  It is mesh all four greats: painting, music, theater, and writing.  It has a vivid pallet of artistic colours, friendly musical enchantment, talented theater, and good old fashioned storytelling.

Its title plays on the ego's judgmental tendencies to put people or others in boxes.  Sure there is a fine line between expanding your shores and trespassing where you don't belong, Laika pushes those buttons elegantly as did Rudolph in 1964.

Of vexillological note are the town's livery of Cheeseridge which is pastel purple and caramel white.  The movie is pleasing to the senses underscored with a charming story.  Family fun for all, and surely a delicious cream pie for cynical critics of all ages.

Perhaps the only complaint about this movie was the deleted sequence of the proper troll to cut the cheese. 

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