Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cannonball Run - Livery Colours

 The finish line colours for the Cannonball Run were orange, red, and yellow.   The Cannonball Run 1981 is a standard Hollywood 80s starlet shuffle of personalities jammed into a cartoonish road race carried by charisma and cheesy jokes.  Certainly a new star comedy cheese run is in order. There is total need for this type of tacky starlet cheese run comedy to balance the serious action drama, call the 21 Jumpstreet rebooters!

You can see Burt letting out a steady stream of champagne at the winners line.  Note that the streamer pennants are red, orange, and yellow as are the decorated tables.

Orange was the it colour of the early 1980s, especially in 1981.  Amazingly Hollywood seems to encourage breaking the law in this movie, how naughty! Speeding is breaking the law.

Coincidentally the Latitude and Longitude flags of Vancouver use these colours.  In this case red represent one, orange represents two, yellow represents three, green represents four, and pink represents nine.  Thus at 123 Degrees West and 49 Degrees North there is the lovely city of Vancouver.  Why not a Canadian Cannonball Run?

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