Sunday, April 26, 2015

Peru Flag in the Celestine Prophecy - 2006

The flag of Peru naturally appears in the movie the Celestine Prophecy 2006.  If you are not familiar with the flag of Peru, you might be more familiar with its "Fraternal Flag Partner" - Canada.

Evidence of non-subjective Syychronicity
The Celestine Prophecy highlights nine points to increase spiritual development.  Basically it expounds that synchronicity is the hallmark of spiritual guidance, as a call to a higher path of the spirit.  Part action-adventure and part-self help, it is definitely worth a read.

Link to James Redfield Website:


US flag in the Celestine Prophecy - 2006

US flag makes a small appearance in the Celestine Prophecy film from 2006.  Just the field of red and white stripes can be seen.  Coincidentally this history teacher will be traveling to a nation whose colours are red and white - Peru.  Although a small coincidence, it just happens to end up that way.

If you are interested in exploring synchronicity or seeking a spiritual experience, this movie and book can help, a self help book that takes you on an adventure.  Before the Secret there was the Celestine Prophecy from 1993, it articulated nine steps to help one increase a spiritual understanding. If you enjoyed the movie the you should definitely read the book! 

This movie could get a reboot with J.J. Abrams as the director.  If somebody like Abrams does it, no doubt the essential points of James Redfield will make more sense to people who really need to hear his message.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Flags in the film Fed Up - 2014

 Fed Up 2014, hosted by Katie Couric, is a docu-drama that exposes the health epidemic across the world and the US.  It explains how a high sugar-low fiber diet can cause obesity even if one eats little and gets a lot of exercise.

Of importance to the blog are the digitally imposed flags that appear during the information segments.

Flags are used in double manner, sometimes flags appear on food.  The most popular being 4th of July US flags during the 4th of July.  But in Fed Up they represent the different factions that are competing within the government.

The US government tries to help the entire community at large and often finds itself at odds with its policies having to take sides.  Certainly it's a twisted pickle to be in.  In this case the FDA has to come to terms of either supporting public health or agriculture.  Usually the side that pulls a lot of water can tip the balance in their favor.

But this health issue involves everyone, from kids, the government and corporations.  Certainly it's a challenge if not impossible to control market forces, it'd be rather foolish.  But then again, small steps were able to put muzzle on the tobacco industry. 

Spratly Island Latitude-Longitude Span Flag

The Geographic Latitude-Longitude flag is a type of geographic flag that spans an area.  In this case the colours represent numbers and their positions on the flag represent certain latitudes and longitudes.  The canton is made up of stars that represent longitude.  The field represents latitude and is represent by horizontal stripes.

From 07 to 11 Degrees North we have the colours white-purple to represent 07 and red-red to represent red for the span of latitude.

In the canton, stars represent longitude.  In this case three red stars represent the western end of the Spratly Island from 111 Degrees East.  The bottom line of stars represents the latitude of 114 Degrees West: red-red-green.

The Geographic Latitude-Longitude Flag is a neutral scientific-flag based upon the lines of latitude and longitude for a specific area.  In this case it can be used to represent the Spratly Islands since national dominion is hotly debated between several nations. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Reuben US Sandwich Flag

 On April 20, 2015 the US Reuben Sandwich flag was released unto the public.  It was during Breaking News Segment when a man made a sandwich that it was revealed.

The US Ruben sandwich is strikingly similar to the US flag the major difference being a canton featuring a Ruben sandwich, instead of a star field.

Flag of San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6

The flag of San Fransokyo uses the colours gold and purple in its city flag.  This imaginary city in a land of tomorrow was presented to us in the movie Big Hero 6, 2014. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

4:20 Perseus Brighest Star - or Stoners Star

It is at the 4th Hour 20 Minutes and 24 Seconds that the brightest star in Perseus shines upon the Celestial Sphere at 4:20 and 24 seconds. 

Funny thing about Perseus is that he carries the head of a Gorgon who could turn people to stone.  Coincidentally Perseus is the only Milky Way Constellation to cross the Milky Way at the 4th Hour and 20th Minute, aka 4:20, but in this case its 4:20:24.

4:20:24 is the Right Ascension of the Star, while 34 Degrees 34 Minutes and 00 Seconds are its positive, northerly Declination.  See the chart below to make sense of this flag.

Note legend has it if you look at the severed head of the Gorgon Medusa you will turn to stone.

Flag for 4:20 on the Celestial Sphere

The 4:20 Celestial flag uses the colours green, black, red, orange, and white.  To be specific the Celestial Coordinates for mark 4:20 Zulu Seconds are:

A Right Ascension on the 4th Hour on 20 Minutes 00 Seconds &
A Positive Declination of 18 Degrees 34 Minutes 18 Seconds, North


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Finish Line Banner from the Cannonball Run 1981

 The Cannonball Run encapsulates the early 80s humor to the max.  Here the finish line banner flies proudly in Southern California.
 A little less serious than a need for speed, silly 80s fun for the whole family.
The Cannonball Run was a made for Movie-television show, instead of the typical made for TV movie.

Dom Delouise with Bardahl Sticker from Cannonball Run 1981

Dom Delouise was a classic 20th century superstar comedian.  He made big guys cool.  Here he is standing in front of a Bardahl checker flag sticker in the garage.

Cannonball Run - Livery Colours

 The finish line colours for the Cannonball Run were orange, red, and yellow.   The Cannonball Run 1981 is a standard Hollywood 80s starlet shuffle of personalities jammed into a cartoonish road race carried by charisma and cheesy jokes.  Certainly a new star comedy cheese run is in order. There is total need for this type of tacky starlet cheese run comedy to balance the serious action drama, call the 21 Jumpstreet rebooters!

You can see Burt letting out a steady stream of champagne at the winners line.  Note that the streamer pennants are red, orange, and yellow as are the decorated tables.

Orange was the it colour of the early 1980s, especially in 1981.  Amazingly Hollywood seems to encourage breaking the law in this movie, how naughty! Speeding is breaking the law.

Coincidentally the Latitude and Longitude flags of Vancouver use these colours.  In this case red represent one, orange represents two, yellow represents three, green represents four, and pink represents nine.  Thus at 123 Degrees West and 49 Degrees North there is the lovely city of Vancouver.  Why not a Canadian Cannonball Run?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Beer Fest flag from the movie Strange Brew 1983

Ya' can see a couple of colourful flags in Strange Brew during the beer festival.  They gots all kinds of neat bright colours, eh? 

Strange Brew is like totally tacky fun 80s Canadian style.  Don't be hoser and watch this silly movie!  It's stupid funny.

It was here that the genesis of Terrance and Phillip, shined as a glimmer in these two hosers eyes, in rated PG version.

Canadian, British, and Toronto Flags in Strange Brew 1983

 When the hosiest of hosers get hosed in a court room, we get to see the Canadian flag, Toronto flag, and UK flag. 
Oddly the UK flag switches up during the court proceedings.  Originally its a UK flag but then the Canadian Court Flag changers switches it up with the Toronto flag. 
Strange Brew is a classic all Canadian favored fun fest.

Flags on the video game "Galactic Border Patrol" from Strange Brew 1983

Unique Strange Canadian Flag in Border Patrol
 Hey, you know one of the most goofiest video games made that could use of fine reboot mod is Galactic Border Patrol.  It made its debut and solo appearance in Strange Brew 1983.

Maybe a freemium game is in order.  Strange thing is that the galactic border patrol has ships shaped like flags of the Canadian and US sort.  Strange eh??

Monday, April 13, 2015

Geographic Flag - for the northern tip of Ireland

Strange as it may sound but Northern Ireland is south of a small part of the Republic of Ireland.  This flag is a geographic flag that notes the small northern region of Erin that sees Northern Ireland as "Southern Northern Ireland".

Geographic Flag - for Southern Ireland Only

Another geographic flag for Ireland, but this one is for the region of Ireland south of Northern Ireland in "Southern Ireland".  It is the Trinity Cross flag since there are three crosses on the flag.  The main cross is the white one that represents Christ, the other two are less subdued.  They represent the other two persons who were crucified on that fateful day in history.  

Geographic Flag for Equal Laitudes of Ireland and Northern Ireland

A new geographic flag for the Irelands.  It is for the region where Ireland and Northern Ireland are at equal latitudes.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bermuda Triangle Flag

The Bermuda Triangle Flag can be flown anywhere in the Bermuda Triangle which includes most of the Bahamas.  The design elements include the badge of Bermuda, colours of the Bahama's flag, and a star from Puerto Rico.  

This flag can also be flown by people who have traveled through this mysterious part of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Chesapeake Bay Flag Meeting, Spring 2015

Friday, April 10, 2015

Flags of the Pleiades Sector

 Here is an example of "one degree" association of Right Ascension and Declination flags.  They represent the Pleiades sector since they take up a region in space.  The sixth of the seven sister resides at the 3rd Hour and 24 Degrees north.

By amazing mathematical fate the youngest and "Lost Pleiades" - Merope sits as an outcast from her sisters at 23 Degrees north. 

Here is the one degree latitude and longitude flag upon the earthly sphere, of there they were born on Mt. Cyllene

Celestial Graphic Flags of the Centauri Star System: Proxima, Alpha, and Beta

The flag of Proxima Centauri has dominant notes of green, orange and balanced indigo pattern.

The Celestial Graphic flag for Alpha Centauri has pastel edge to it.

 The Celestial Graphic flag of Beta Centauri is similar to Alpha Centauri since they are next to each others.  Their difference in only in their seconds realm with stronger deviation with their Declination marks.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Right Ascension Declination Flag for Sirius

The Right Ascension Declination for the brightest star in the night sky is black, green, blue, indigo, red, orange and white.

Right Ascension Declination flag for GRB 090423

By sheer cosmic luck the Right Ascension Declination flag for GRB 090423  has an exceptionally harmonious and elegant design.  At the moment, it is the most distant object known in the Universe.

Right Ascension: 09th Hour, 55 Minutes, 33 Seconds
Declination: 18 Degrees, 08 Minutes, 58 Seconds