Monday, March 16, 2015

Republic of Trumania Flag from the Truman Show - 1998

A distinct and original vexilloid makes an appearance in The Truman Show 1998, starring Jim Carrey.  When Truman becomes aware that his life is not so ordinary, he acts in a silly fashion in front of his bathroom mirror.  He uses soap to writes on the mirror a flag pennant with a letter "T" upon it.  Truman then proclaims the planet for "Trumania of the Burbank Galaxy."

Trumania Flag, by Jim Carrey
Coincidentally in 1998, the Internet was in its infancy before social media, blogs, and youtubes.  "Reality television" was upon the verge of becoming a real media, which would later launch the careers of some fairly odd but ordinary people. But in the Truman Show, Truman was adopted from birth and is unaware that he is the star of the fictional Truman Show. Everyone else from his point of view is just an actor or actress.

The amazing and hard to do aspect of the Truman Show is that it conveys deep and comical messages simultaneously.  Jim Carrey walks that thin and delicate line between humour and thoughtful pondering.  The Truman Show was a one of kind film, that was made perfectly before the dawn of the 21st century, as a kind of pre-science of things to come. 

The Truman Show is perhaps the best utilization of a show within a show, that totally imbibes and carries the story, much like the theoretical moon of a moon - making this show a favorite of mature and philosophical thinkers and critics.

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