Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Happy St. Patrick's Day 2015! 

 Although many people compare the Irish flag with the Italian Flag, it's natural partner is the Ivory Coast Flag, which is the Irish flag upside down, or rather the Irish flag is the Ivory Coast flag upside down - depending on your point of view.  

Additionally India and Niger also use the orange, white, green patter like Ireland but have their stripes perpendicular.  So in honor of these nations that all come together under similar colours here is the multinational St. Patrick's Day Plus flag for people all over the world.  Note the symbols have been slightly modified.  The four leaved clover represents Ireland, the Crescent Tusk represents the Ivory Coast, the green loom wheel represent India, and the orange sun disc represents Niger.   

1 comment:

  1. Im from Dublin Ireland,four leaved clover has nothing to do with Ireland,it seems to be an American thing.The 3 leaf shamrock or a harp is a symbol of my country.Cheers