Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The South Aussierfica Flag

A new geographic flag that indicates the latitudes when Australia, Africa, and South America are at a parallel latitude.  Thus the seasons and stars match with a certain kind of charm for all of these lands "Down Under."  People often forget most of South America and much of Africa is below the equator. 

Subsequently any nation that resides in "Aussierfica Lane" can fly this flag.  Additionally any ship, car or craft to cross this space is entitled to fly this flag: 10 degrees 41' South unto 34 degrees 59' South.   Thus this flag can be flown anywhere on the continent of the nation of South Africa, Paraguay, Madagascar, and most of Bolivia. 

The flag is mostly based upon 20th century Australian flag, but the canton uses popular African colours.  The red line along the bottom establishes the connectivity between these regions of earth, and echos of Chile's flag.  

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