Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Female Presidents Day!

Amaze your friends with this fun Presidential trivia concerning the USA

Which US State was the first female president born in? Yes, it already happened, and she led the nation during perilous and uncertain times.

Answer: Illinois!

 Janet Jagan was the first female president born in the United States.  Note, Jagan was not president of the United States, rather Jagan was the president of Guyana.  Janet Jagan was born in the USA - just like Ronald Regan.

J.J. like R.R. was born in Illinois.  J.J. was an International Illinois President while R.R. was Domestic Illinois President.  President J.J. was born in Chicago, IL on 10/20/1920 and President R.R. was born in Tampico, IL on 02/06/1911. 

Also note that Jagan kinda' sounds like Regan?  Certainly Jagan could pass as Regan's little sister, or rather Reagan could pass a Jagan's big brother? However their policies differed like night and day, or rather Yin and Yang. Bottom line is, perhaps they should name the international wing of Ronald Regan Airport the Janet Jagan wing?

Guyana is America's cousin nearly down under in South America.  If they only made a "Guyana Dundee" movie, then people would know about this nation that is so intimately tied to the United States. 

Another fun fact is that the person who designed the flag for the Nation of Guyana is an American.  And he is still alive!  Whitney Smith is a living legend or virtual  "Mr. Betsy Ross" from Massachusetts.

You can do the same thing but with African American Presidents.  Yep, there was more than one African American President born in the USA.


Which US state was the first African American President born in?

Answer: (Not Hawaii)Virginia

Joesph Jenkins Roberts was the first African American president.  He was the President of Liberia, that is.  Roberts was born in Virginia in 1848.  Nine other men born in the USA would later become presidents of Liberia.  Thus Obama is the 11th African American president born in the USA, but the first African American president of the USA.  Coincidentally Liberia has 11 stripes on its flag.  

Happy Presidents Day!

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