Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Flags in Sarah Bareilles video Brave - 2014

 Sarah Bareilles keeps it real in her video Brave.  Singing from her heart, Bareilles lets out positive vibes wherever they may be found - in a park, a mall, gym or at the library.

Here a flag can be seen in the upper background above the yellow building.  It is impossible to make out exactly what it represents but it can be seen gently waving in the wind.

Here a man is dancing almost with spontaneity. On the ceiling are several banners of yellow that are impossible to make out.  But yet again a mundane place has become the center point of happy feet.

Here a woman lets it loose at what looks like a South American outdoor shopping center.  Streamer triangle banner flags can be seen in the background, again it is impossible to make out the specific details of the flags.

Bottom line is when a happy spark of love or dance taps your shoulder, you should engage it!  People are so apt to engage the complaining spirit, next time feel free to be brave by pushing up an on the dance vibe whenever or wherever you feel it be it at a mall, park, or wherever.

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