Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Vexillolid Like item in Scandal's Goodbye to You - 1982

The earring is similar to a vexilloid, such that it flaps and shakes in the wind.  Earrings are usually considered a fashion accessory.  Earrings convey messages and express personal taste and certain life styles. 

Until recently men having pierced ears usually meant one was of certain lifestyle, depending on which ear was pierced.  Nowadays such meaning has been lost.

In the video Goodbye to You by Scandal 1982 Patty Smyth wears earrings of intense size that reflect her intense feeling towards a person in her past.

As 2014 winds down, it is nice to take stock on several of the hard people who taught you well but, luckily you never have to see again, or they are no longer above you to demand anything and have lost their abusive power to influence your life.  Such as crappy landlords, mean neighbors, nutty co-workers, psychotic teachers and bosses.  And of course abusive lovers. 

Also a good song for getting motivated to quit smoking, drinking alcohol, eating fast food, or any number of chronic deleterious habits.  When you get the urge to do it just listen to this song.

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  1. These earrings were a big deal to me when I was growing up - not sure why...