Saturday, December 27, 2014

Livery and Flags from Disney's Frozen 2013

Hans and Disney hit it again.

Here banner lamp post flags line the streets showing the silhouette of one of the princesses. City bunting pennant flags with livery of green, gold, and purple.

The themes of hiding ones secret powers that go against the grain of what expected are a theme to this story.  Sometimes gifts given to young people are seen as weird or taboo.  But in Disney's Frozen, an Ice Queen is liberated to be herself.

Certainly everyone has personal liberation days,
when you leave a horrible job, move to a new town, or when certain negative people who hold you back are taken away.  In the wake of this change you are able to be free and follow your destiny.

Personal liberation years for me include: 2013, 1994, and 1990.   New happy bosses with good workers, good bye to mean judgmental jerks etc...

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