Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Fraternal Holiday Flag Partners of Kansas and Montana

 For 2014 the Fraternal Flag Pairs of Kansas and Montana were decked out in the Christmas Holiday Spirit.  In particular Kansas was North Polarized.  Instead of a sunflower we now have a poinseita, likewise the heraldic torse/head band has been coloured red and green.  Night has fallen and 34 stars are gleaming in the distance.  The state motto now says "Merry Christmas."  The five buffalo have become sheep while the two Native Americans on horseback have become shepherds with crooks.  Santa's eight reindeer have replaced the eight cattle, likewise the two wagons have been replaced with Santa on a practice run, before take off.  The house by the river has a wreath on its door and red and green Christmas lights glowing on the roof.  Obviously a warm fire in the fireplace that has produced three puffs of smoke.  Instead of the sun peeking over the horizon we see a crescent moon with an Earth glow.  Finally the man plowing in the foreground has been replaced with an elf pushing a wheel barrel full of presents.  Hard to see on the elf is a candy cane badge.

Montana's holiday spirit is more subdued.  But it also displays a cold winter night with snow covering the ground.  The Spanish words for "Oro Y Plata" have been replaced with "Hope & Peace."  Also missing are the miner's tools and plow.  Instead we have three musical instruments: a drum, harp, and trumpet.  The trees have grown super tall and have what looks like white lights.  Although the scene indicates a Christmas theme, it is not explicit.  Perhaps it could be just a cold night with snow on the ends of the branches?  Like in the North Polarized Kansas flag the moon is present but it is full and high in the sky.  Only a few stars are out. 

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