Saturday, November 8, 2014

Batten's Syndrome - Falling under the Jean's Awareness Ribbon

Awareness ribbons are popular vexilloids that carry a message by a colourful and simple means.

 Like flags, depending on the colours used - these ribbons communicate a message.  Perhaps the most successful and renowned ribbon is the pink breast cancer ribbon.  But since there are a limited number of colours, some awareness groups use designs to convey their message.  One particular unique design is the jigsaw autism awareness ribbon that a pieces of the puzzle in red, yellow, and blue.

The purpose of these ribbons is to promote public awareness, inspire hope, muster moral support, and aim for healing.  One particular unique ribbon is the blue jeans ribbon that refers to rare types of genetic syndromes that often cut life short or add a heavy burden to those persons born with rare genetic complications.  The jeans ribbon, is play on the word for genes.  It is a unique ribbon that represents all types of genetic complications united under one ribbon - the jeans ribbon.

Rare Genes Ribbon with a Golden Rivet to 
distinguish it from other blue ribbons
My attention to the genes related "Jean's Ribbon" was sparked by tragic condition of Batten's Disease that has affected one of my family members.  Batten's Syndrome causes persons to loose their eye sight at an early age, then effects the central nervous system.  Eventually their minds regress along with motor coordination leading to a shortened lifespan.

We are at primitive stage of genetic therapy, but with good science and caring hearts a cure is surely within our reach.

For More Information on Batten's Disease please visit this website:
More Information about rare genetic diseases:

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