Saturday, October 11, 2014

US Scottish Presidential Heritiage Flag

Who was the highest ranking political officer before George Washington became president in 1788?  Remember, independence was declared 1776 and peace made in 1783.  So in between 1776 to1787 who was the leader of America?  This is a much skipped over chapter of American History, a kind of dirty little secret that nobody likes to talk about.

The highest ranking member of Congress under the Articles of Confederation:US Gov 1.0 was known as the 'President'.  This 'Articles of Confederation President' had none of the powers or respect under the US Constitution:US Gov 2.0 President, which we currently operate under. In Millennial terms, the Articles of Confederation is like Friendster, while the US Constitution is like Facebook.

Only one Articles of Confederation President was born abroad, Arthur St. Clair.  It was during the St. Clair Administration that the Northwest Territories were declared 'free soil.'  Likewise the US Constitution was created during his term in office.  Thus when foreign leaders wanted to put a face on the 'Leader of America' they had to deal with a Scotsman - President St. Clair. 

More than just a political jug head, President St. Clair was a close associate to Washington who was a part of the legendary team that Crossed the Delaware and was present at the Battle of Yorktown when the British surrendered to rebel forces.

Although born in Scotland, his adopted home colony was Pennsylvania, in the Pittsburgh area. So in honor of the man of arms and political US chief of chiefs, and a native to Scotland, it is only appropriate that a flag be created in his honor and intimate link the United States has with Scotland, presenting the US-Scottish Heritage Presidential Flag.

Note that at moment Scotland is the only foreign land to give the US a national leader, albeit under the now defunct program of US Gov 1.0 also known as the Articles of Confederation.

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  1. Greetings, go see the real flag that was Gen. St. Clairs. Electric Scotland is the largest, free educational web site, go to the page and you can hit the link and read the flag document.