Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Partship Flag

The Partship is a micro-political unit concerning the locality commonly called the home.  The first Partship flag was presented to mainstream consciousness on The Big Bang Theory Show as shown on CBS.   Basically the Partship is the apartment unit where Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Leonard Hofstader live at 2311 North Los Robles Avenue in Pasadena, California.

But note, this show's actual address in our reality seems to be at 215 South Madison Ave, Pasadena California.  The apparent mix up of addresses is due to quantum multi-verse shift in apparent reality.  Dr. Sheldon Cooper and his gang do not exist in our normal universe but CBS studios has been able make contact with this nearly parallel meta-TV universe, as captured and produced by CBS television studios with the Screen Actors Guild.  Note the actors guild are something like the Navigotor's Guild as depicted in Dune who have the capacity to fold space and time, to travel without moving.  But in this case the American Screen Actors Guild are able to fold fields of apparent reality from multiple 'Multi-Verses' which get packaged into television shows.   

Long story short, the flag of Sheldon Cooper's Partship is composed of a yellow rampant lion.  Coincidentally in our local universe the flag of this blogger's apartment is a reciprocal counter charge: a blue lion on a yellow background.  

In the following clip of The Big Bang Theory Show you can see Sheldon Cooper "hang" the "Partship Flag" upside down.  Hanging a flag upside down is the standard procedure for help or distress.  

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