Sunday, October 12, 2014

New Sub-Level of Community Organization - Below the Township Quadrant

All nations can be broken down into smaller units as 'sub-federal districts'.  In the United States the first sub-federal unit is usually called a state.  Furthermore states can be broken into counties, and counties are broken into townships or boroughs.  Thus officially speaking, the fundamental political unit of a community is the township. 

Put on a numeral progression, if nations are assigned the number 10, as a Level 10 Zone.  Then the 50 US states are known Level 9 Zones.  Subsequently counties are a Level 8 Zones.  And finally townships and boroughs are Level 7 Zones.    

But the purpose of this post is to elucidate a further geographical division: the Level 6 Zone.   In this case the each township or borough can be broken into four quadrants: The Alpha Quadrant, The Beta Quadrant, the Gamma Quadrant, and the Delta Quadrant.

Typically the Alpha Quadrant is the most Eastern, the Beta Quadrant has a southern orientation, the Gamma Quadrant has a northern orientation, and the Delta Quadrant has a western orientation.  The general rule for dividing up a township or borough into four quadrants is based upon the biggest road to cross into the middle of town.  Then the second axis of division is based upon a road that is perpendicular to that road, and also cross near the middle.   

In this post Lansdale Borough, in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania will serve as the first example of a Level 6 Zone.  Note that each quadrant gets its own flag.  The general design of the Level Six Quadrant flag is based upon quartering.  In this case a quarter canton was used to divide up the field.  The method of quartering up a flag can vary and it is important that the township or borough seal be utilized.

On a more stringent level the quadrants are restricts to specific range of colours.  Alpha Quadrant colours can range from pink, red, orange, maroon, or red-orange.  Beta Quadrant colours can range from yellow, gold, buff, and light brown.  Gamma Quadrant colours should be green of any shade that is distant from blue.  While the Delta Quadrant colours should be indigo, blue, or navy blue.

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