Friday, October 31, 2014

Flags from the Sixth Sense - 1999

In 1999 the best spooky thriller that was ever made came to be under the guidance of M. Knight Shyamalan: The Sixth Sense 1999.  Most horror movies end on a sad, funny, or on a note of horror, but Shyamalan created a paradoxical movie that was sad and uplifting.  It addresses bullying, parenting, love, death, the sprit realm, and justice.  It was worthy of attention back then, and even more so today.

Playing with the viewer's one dimensional perception of a movie, the twist at the end reveals the biased eye of the beholder phenomena, that many souls fall into with a tunneled perception of their surroundings.   The great thing about this movie is a second viewing is completely different from the first. 

Of vexillological consequence are a few flags that appear during a local Philadelphia elementary school's production of Camelot.  Flags pennants can be seen on the tops of the castles, which are so common in fairytale settings. The most unique flag is the frozen blowing in the wind felt red lance pennon.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Vexillological Trainline

The Vexillological Trainline is a flag arrangement from national to the ultra-micro political level.  Officially speaking the township/city/borough flag is the lowest political level of the US.  But below the township are several more personal levels: the Quadrant, Blockship, Hutship and Partship.  

Here we have a map of the world with two Vexillological Trainlines showing two "Engine to Caboose" flags from the personal ultra-micro political level up unto the national level.  On the West Coast by Los Angeles is the Vexillological Trainline of a fictional character from the Big Bang Theory Show.  On the East Coast is the Vexillological Trainline of a friendly neighborhood blogger.  

As Pasadena is a part of Los Angeles Metropolitan Area so too is Lansdale a part of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area.  Likewise the Rose Bowl is renowned in Pasadena, just as the Army vs. Navy Game is best known for being played in Philadelphia; as this was the city where the official US Army and US Navy were created during the 1776 Revolution.  Likewise a good match for Caltech is the University of Pennsylvania.  

To quote Joseph Ridgeway Grundy, "If a man does not have pride in his own hometown, he isn't likely to give a rap* about his own country."

 *sometimes a letter 'C' can be placed in front of the 'R' when appropriate

Link to Grundy Quote:

Montgomery County Flag of Pennsylvania

The flag for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania consists of a horizontal tri-bar with the county seal in the center stripe, centrally placed.  It is your standard American Heraldic style.  The shield features a train passing a city and an arm holding several bolts of lightning.  On the hoist is a female supporter, while on the fly is a male supporter.  In the crest position is a heraldic headband with a balance held up by a human arm.

Quadrant Flags of Pasadena, California

Nations are ranked as a level 10 geographic division, then states are level 9, then counties are level 8, then townships and incorporated cities and boroughs are a level 8.  So what is below?  A level 7 division parcels the basic unit of a community into quadrants, as is done with galaxies.

An example city, Pasadena, CA, has been here factored into separate quadrants.  Each quadrant gets its own flag based upon the level 8 flag or emblem.  Typically alpha quadrant flags use a red colour, beta quadrant flags use a yellowish colour, gamma quadrant flags use a green colour, while the delta quadrant is typically blue.

 The Pasadena Alpha Quadrant flag has a red field and white rose in the badge area.
 The Pasadena Beta Quadrant has a yellow field with a red rose.  It was here that a matching filed of quantum probabilities showed us the apparent roof of The Big Bang Theory Show.
 The Delta Quadrant Flag of Pasadena has long out stretched arm that reaches towards the mountains.  The filed is indigo and it has a pink rose as its badge.

The Gamma Quadrant flag has a field of green with a yellow rose with a black stem.  It is the smallest quadrant of Pasadena, but it is where the Rose Bowl takes place. 

Flag of Pasadena, California

The City of Pasadena became incorporated during the first round of the Grover Cleveland administration in June 1886.  The city seal features a royal crown with a golden key driving through the middle.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Continental Landmass Flag for the Super Continent Old World

Asia, Africa and Europe are usually counted as separate continents.  But in a certain sense the "Old World" is simply one enormously shaped island.  Even before the creation of the Suez Canal, Africa was linked to Asia or rather Eurasia.  Thus we have the Old World Super Continent Flag.

In this case yellow represents Europe, blue represents Africa, and green represents Asia.  Since yellow and blue make green, likewise Africa and Europe are both connected to Asia.  The three seven pointed stars honor the three names of the traditional continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Continental Body Flag for the North and South America

Since the "American Hemisphere" is interconnected as one large mass of land, from a certain point of view it can be thought as one really really really big island.  Even though the Panama Canal has cut it into two neat pieces this super island deserves a flag of its own.  Thus any nation or island that is closest to the Americas can fly the Americas Super Continent Flag. 

The red portion represents North America while the blue portion represents South America.  The seven pointed stars refer to the seven continents.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Partship Flag

The Partship is a micro-political unit concerning the locality commonly called the home.  The first Partship flag was presented to mainstream consciousness on The Big Bang Theory Show as shown on CBS.   Basically the Partship is the apartment unit where Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Leonard Hofstader live at 2311 North Los Robles Avenue in Pasadena, California.

But note, this show's actual address in our reality seems to be at 215 South Madison Ave, Pasadena California.  The apparent mix up of addresses is due to quantum multi-verse shift in apparent reality.  Dr. Sheldon Cooper and his gang do not exist in our normal universe but CBS studios has been able make contact with this nearly parallel meta-TV universe, as captured and produced by CBS television studios with the Screen Actors Guild.  Note the actors guild are something like the Navigotor's Guild as depicted in Dune who have the capacity to fold space and time, to travel without moving.  But in this case the American Screen Actors Guild are able to fold fields of apparent reality from multiple 'Multi-Verses' which get packaged into television shows.   

Long story short, the flag of Sheldon Cooper's Partship is composed of a yellow rampant lion.  Coincidentally in our local universe the flag of this blogger's apartment is a reciprocal counter charge: a blue lion on a yellow background.  

In the following clip of The Big Bang Theory Show you can see Sheldon Cooper "hang" the "Partship Flag" upside down.  Hanging a flag upside down is the standard procedure for help or distress.  

The Hutship Flag

The Hutship is a political micro-unit.  It is the domicile or structure that works as a home or registered place of business be private or public, and immediate area around it.  A Hutship can be a house, town home, apartment building, set trailer pre-fab home, building or skyscraper.

This is the flag of the Hutship One.  The Hutship One flag is the current domicile  of this blogger. Hutship one is composed of 22 Partships. The area of the Hutship is essentially the mathematical mean area unto the next Hutship, property line, or border of the Blockship.

The Yardship

The Yardship is similar to property lines of an associated unit, be it a private home, named housing development, trailer park, strip mall, regular mall, associated Hutships.  It is very similar to property lines, but does not represent a particular owner but rather a grouped unit or single independent unit. 

Note the Yarship micro-political 'level' is variable from level 4.0 to level 5.0.

School districts are also variable zones that usually fall into the 7.0 range, but some public school districts fall into the 8.0 range as they cross county lines every so often.  But School Districts are not considered micro-political units. 


The Blockship Flag

BLOCKSHIP 1 - a political micro-unit
The Blockship is a political micro-unit of community based upon enclosure of a public access road.  Generally speaking the Blockship is a road circuit that forms a loop.  It can be composed of private houses, businesses, parks, apartment complex, supermarket, or any combination of properties.  It is the public place where person can drive a car in a loop around a particular area.

The design of a Blockship flag is restricted to having a frame around the edge.  Yey any sort of design can be utilized within the center.  The flag above represents the first Blockship flag.  In the following map the highlighted area represents Blockship 1 which can be found in Lansdale Borough, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA.

The Numerical Level Assignment
LEVEL 10. Nation
LEVEL 9. State
LEVEL 8. County
LEVEL 7. Township-Borough
LEVEL 6. Quadrant
LEVEL 5. Blockship  
LEVEL 4. Hutship
LEVEL 3. Partship

Landale Borough Quadrant Flags

Lansdale Alpha Quadrant Flag
 Flags for the four quadrants of Lansdale Borough Pennsylvania in Montgomery County.
Lansdale Beta Quadrant Flag

Lansdale Gamma Quadrant Flag
Lansdale Delta Quadrant Flag

New Sub-Level of Community Organization - Below the Township Quadrant

All nations can be broken down into smaller units as 'sub-federal districts'.  In the United States the first sub-federal unit is usually called a state.  Furthermore states can be broken into counties, and counties are broken into townships or boroughs.  Thus officially speaking, the fundamental political unit of a community is the township. 

Put on a numeral progression, if nations are assigned the number 10, as a Level 10 Zone.  Then the 50 US states are known Level 9 Zones.  Subsequently counties are a Level 8 Zones.  And finally townships and boroughs are Level 7 Zones.    

But the purpose of this post is to elucidate a further geographical division: the Level 6 Zone.   In this case the each township or borough can be broken into four quadrants: The Alpha Quadrant, The Beta Quadrant, the Gamma Quadrant, and the Delta Quadrant.

Typically the Alpha Quadrant is the most Eastern, the Beta Quadrant has a southern orientation, the Gamma Quadrant has a northern orientation, and the Delta Quadrant has a western orientation.  The general rule for dividing up a township or borough into four quadrants is based upon the biggest road to cross into the middle of town.  Then the second axis of division is based upon a road that is perpendicular to that road, and also cross near the middle.   

In this post Lansdale Borough, in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania will serve as the first example of a Level 6 Zone.  Note that each quadrant gets its own flag.  The general design of the Level Six Quadrant flag is based upon quartering.  In this case a quarter canton was used to divide up the field.  The method of quartering up a flag can vary and it is important that the township or borough seal be utilized.

On a more stringent level the quadrants are restricts to specific range of colours.  Alpha Quadrant colours can range from pink, red, orange, maroon, or red-orange.  Beta Quadrant colours can range from yellow, gold, buff, and light brown.  Gamma Quadrant colours should be green of any shade that is distant from blue.  While the Delta Quadrant colours should be indigo, blue, or navy blue.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

US Scottish Presidential Heritiage Flag

Who was the highest ranking political officer before George Washington became president in 1788?  Remember, independence was declared 1776 and peace made in 1783.  So in between 1776 to1787 who was the leader of America?  This is a much skipped over chapter of American History, a kind of dirty little secret that nobody likes to talk about.

The highest ranking member of Congress under the Articles of Confederation:US Gov 1.0 was known as the 'President'.  This 'Articles of Confederation President' had none of the powers or respect under the US Constitution:US Gov 2.0 President, which we currently operate under. In Millennial terms, the Articles of Confederation is like Friendster, while the US Constitution is like Facebook.

Only one Articles of Confederation President was born abroad, Arthur St. Clair.  It was during the St. Clair Administration that the Northwest Territories were declared 'free soil.'  Likewise the US Constitution was created during his term in office.  Thus when foreign leaders wanted to put a face on the 'Leader of America' they had to deal with a Scotsman - President St. Clair. 

More than just a political jug head, President St. Clair was a close associate to Washington who was a part of the legendary team that Crossed the Delaware and was present at the Battle of Yorktown when the British surrendered to rebel forces.

Although born in Scotland, his adopted home colony was Pennsylvania, in the Pittsburgh area. So in honor of the man of arms and political US chief of chiefs, and a native to Scotland, it is only appropriate that a flag be created in his honor and intimate link the United States has with Scotland, presenting the US-Scottish Heritage Presidential Flag.

Note that at moment Scotland is the only foreign land to give the US a national leader, albeit under the now defunct program of US Gov 1.0 also known as the Articles of Confederation.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

US New York State-Ireland Presidential Heritage Flag

Besides Guyana, Antigua, and Liberia the United States has given birth to one of the modern day leaders of Ireland.  The third president of the Republic of Ireland was born in New York, New York - Eamon de Valera.  Thus in honor of this special relationship this flag consecrates this historically significant fact.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Vexilloids from Star Trek: The Animated Series 1973

 Star Trek: The Animated Series was slated at a children's time slot, yet it was mostly watched by adults with adult themes.  Basically it was a second chance at life for the Star Trek storyline and much of the original cast starred in this cartoon series.

Classic American Anime, it used a simple and cheaper method to animate the show, which saw that it became its own kind of signature and enchanting art form.

Of particular interest to vexillology is the episode that takes place on Star Date 5499.9 or locally broadcast to Earth on December 1, 1973 was The Ambergris Element.

The natives to the water planet genetically modify Kirk and Spock to breathe underwater.  The leader carries a staff with a white sea shell trident as the finial. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Celebratory Flags for Naboo - The Phantom Menace 1999

 Several flags and vexilloids appear during the celebratory sequence on Naboo in the first Star Wars prequel The Phantom Meance 1999.  The most noticeable flag can be seen in the hands of a boy in the background.  It is a traditional flag as used on Earth, but represents some unexplained element of Naboo culture.  It is composed of the colours blue, yellow, and purple.

In addition to flags the people of Naboo uses flag streamers with the livery of the nations.  Which includes the colours purple, pink, and blue, red, and while. 

Along the building you can see what looks like a royal standard of red and purple with a slight swallowtail.  Who or what it represents exactly is not explicitly explained in the movie.  Nonetheless, it is a remarkable type of flag of social importance.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Scholastic Scope Flag Error: September 2014 Issue

In the September issue of Scope - Scholastic 2014 issue there is a small mistake. The article entitled the Rockets Red Glare, The incredible story of the "Star-Spangled Banner" uses the wrong flag in its illustration of the Star-Spangled Banner.
The flag depicted is the Union Fort Sumpter flag from the start of the US Civil War from 1861. Since this article is focused on the inspirational Star-Spangled Banner it needs a correction. The article is written as an educational play. However it completely misses the unique design of this most historic of US flags that had 15 stars and 15 stripes which inspired Francis Scott Key to write the national anthem. The flag illustrated in the article has 13 stripes and 33 stars. Oops!

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