Thursday, September 25, 2014

Flag for The Galactic North Pole in the Constellation Coma Berenice, the Pharaoh's Wig

"The Northern Circle of Coma Berenice"

Just as Earth has a 'North Pole' so to does our Milky Way Galaxy.  Our Galactic North Pole is located in the constellation of Coma Berenice, the Pharaoh's Wig of Queen Berenice.  It is visible during the month of February and March in between the constellations of Leo and Virgo. 

This flag can be flown anywhere on the planet during the months of February and March, when the Galactic North Pole appears in the night sky. 

Furthermore it can be flown anytime along the 27th parallel north on planet earth, since the pole is directly overhead at this latitude when it appears.  To be more precise the Galactic North Pole appears parallel to 27.4 degrees north on earth which matches to 27.4 degrees declination.

Thus the name of this enchanted latitude of galactic significance is: the Northern Galactic Polar Circle of Coma Berenice. 

Thus Texas and Florida can fly this flag any time.  Major US cities directly underneath the Galactic North Pole include Tampa Bay-FL, Corpus Christie-TX, and Laredo-TX.

By Earthly and Cosmic coincidence, the highest point of our planet reaches up into heavens at this latitude - Mt. Everest.  

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