Monday, September 1, 2014

Analemma Flag

The Analemma Flag is composed of the colours blue, orange, yellow, and black.  The flag represents the sun crossing its path in sky.  The sun travels across the sky in a unique pattern and will only ever cross its path one day during the year.  It happens from about August 29th to September 1st every year.

You can often find an analemma on most globes, plastered somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  It is one of those geographic facts that is hard to explain and often overlooked.

It is appropriate to fly the analemma flag during the last week of August until September 1, when the sun decides to cross its path.  Also note the point on Earth when the sun crosses its path and is directly overhead is at the 9th degree latitude north. Consequently it can be flown all year round by any nation that lies on the 9 degrees north - "Solar Crisscross Line."  It can also be flown on ships when they cross this special line of latitude. 

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