Sunday, September 28, 2014

Royal Heritage Flag for the Siamese King born in the USA

Currently the longest reigning monarch of the planet is Bhumibol Adulyadej and his majesty was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  He is officially the King of Thailand, formerly called Siam.  He was not originally intended to become the King of Siam, but after his older brother died the younger brother became 'King Boomee.'

Since he was born in Massachusetts he could easily claim US citizenship.  In some sense he is a virtual King of the USA.  No doubt his US birthright helped him side with the US during the US-Vietnam War.  In the photo here, you can see him addressing congress in front of then Vice President Nixon back in the 1960s.

So in honor of this 'King of Cambridge, Massachusetts' here is a flag that combines the royal standard of Thailand with the Original American 13 Colonies design.

"Garuda Emblem of Thailand" by SodacanThis vector image was created with Inkscape. - Own work, Based on the version on the front cover of Thai Government Gazette (Image:Thai Garuda Emblem (Government Gazette Ver.) 001.jpg). Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

"ATrelations0018a-1" by Unknown - [1]. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

The Lost Constellation of Vexillum the Flag

One of the hidden constellations of the night sky is Vexillum the Flag.  It was created around 1200 AD, by a Scotsman - Michael Scot.

Although not recognized by the IAU, it is a cryptic treasure, historically recognized, and puts the Scottish spirit on the celestial sphere. 

The constellation of Vexillum the Flag stands nearly alone at a nexus as a 12th century constellation in between the mother lode of the Enlightenment Class of Constellations that were created after 1492 and the ancient arrangement of stars aligned before the rise of Roman Empire, of BC times.  

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

US-Antigua & Barbuda Prime Minister Heritage Flag

Although Lester Bryant Bird was born in New York State, he eventually became the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda from 1994 until 2004. 

Here this flag honors New York State and Antigua & Barbuda as one entity.  Since they both have centrally placed suns over the horizons edge they overlap harmoniously.

"Flag of New York" by State of New York - xrmap flag collection 2.7. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.
"Flag of Antigua and Barbuda". Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

US-Guyana Prime Minister State Heritage Flag

Besides Liberia, the United States has given the world other born in the USA leaders.  In this case an Illinois woman became the Prime Minter of Guyana in 1997.  Prime Minister Jagan was originally born in Illinois in 1920.  Prime Minister Janet Jagan was a social activist and helped lead Guyana during perilous times.

Coincidentally Guyana's flag was also designed by an American born person - Dr. Whitney Smith.  Thus it makes sense that Guyana would allow an American born person to become president. 

Just in case you forgot Guyana is our cousin nearly down under in South America where they speak English.  Perhaps someday soon a "Guyana Dundee" film will be made so the public wakes up to 'AMERICA'S LOST SOUTHERN SISTER IN SOUTH AMERICA.'

"Flag of Illinois". Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

An Info-Graphic for World Maritime Day

Another post by a guest blogger of Bracken Foam Fabricators - BFF 

Flag for the Earth's Outer Rim of the Milky Way Galaxy

"The Sub-Tropic of Auriga"

This flag can be flown anywhere along the 28th parallel north: The Milky Way Outer Rim Sub-Tropic of Auriga.  It is at this latitude whereby the stars systems directly down stream from Earth reside in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Our "Directly Down Stream Milky Way" cousins appear in the northern night skies during Halloween in the Chariot Constellation, Auriga. 

Flag for the Milky Way's Central Core - to be flown along the Milky Way Inner Core Sub-Tropic of Sagittarius

"The Sub-Tropic of Sagittarius"

This flag can be flown anywhere along a special line of latitude known as the Milky Way Inner Core Sub-Tropic of Sagittarius: which is approximately 28.9 degrees south.  Likewise anyplace on Earth that resides along the 28th parallel south can fly this flag anytime.  For the rest of the planet, one can only fly this flag during the month of April and May, because that is when the core of the Milky Way Galaxy appears in the night sky.

Nations that can fly this flag all year round include: Australia, South Africa, Namibia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and French Polynesia. 

Flag for the Galactic South Pole in Sculptor, the Sculpture

"The Southern Circle of Sculptor"

This is the flag for the Galactic South Pole which can be found in the Sculptor the Sculpture.   

This flag can be flown anywhere in the world during the months of August and September, when the Galactic South Pole appears in the nightly sky.  Furthermore it can be flown anywhere along the 27th parallel south, since this part of Earth is directly underneath the Galactic South Pole when it is visible at night.

For Earth this special line of latitude is known as the Southern Galactic Polar Circle of Sculptor

Famous places in the Anglo-phone universe that reside under the 27th parallel south include: Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, and South Africa.  Coincidentally the most remote and loneliest civilization to arise under the Southern Galactic Pole was Easter Island Culture.

More precisely the Galactic South Pole is parallel to the Earthly latitude of 27.4 degrees south.

Flag for The Galactic North Pole in the Constellation Coma Berenice, the Pharaoh's Wig

"The Northern Circle of Coma Berenice"

Just as Earth has a 'North Pole' so to does our Milky Way Galaxy.  Our Galactic North Pole is located in the constellation of Coma Berenice, the Pharaoh's Wig of Queen Berenice.  It is visible during the month of February and March in between the constellations of Leo and Virgo. 

This flag can be flown anywhere on the planet during the months of February and March, when the Galactic North Pole appears in the night sky. 

Furthermore it can be flown anytime along the 27th parallel north on planet earth, since the pole is directly overhead at this latitude when it appears.  To be more precise the Galactic North Pole appears parallel to 27.4 degrees north on earth which matches to 27.4 degrees declination.

Thus the name of this enchanted latitude of galactic significance is: the Northern Galactic Polar Circle of Coma Berenice. 

Thus Texas and Florida can fly this flag any time.  Major US cities directly underneath the Galactic North Pole include Tampa Bay-FL, Corpus Christie-TX, and Laredo-TX.

By Earthly and Cosmic coincidence, the highest point of our planet reaches up into heavens at this latitude - Mt. Everest.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

US-Liberia Presidential State Heritage Flags

As Liberia was founded by the United States it should be no surprise that several men born in the USA became the chief executive of that nation.  In honor of those states that sent men to the 'Presidential Oval Office' of Liberia here are US-Liberia Presidential State Heritage Flags.  The flag of Liberia mirrors the flag of the United States of America.  The primary difference is that there are eleven stripes instead of thirteen and there is only one star in the canton of Liberia and currently 50 in the US flag.  Most of the flags here follow the eleven stripe Liberia pattern.

As it was for the USA, as well as for Liberia, our first president was born in Virginia.  In this case the George Washington of Liberia is Joseph Jenkins Roberts.  Or rather the Joseph Jenkins Roberts of Libera is George Washington.  Two other Virginia born presidents include James Payne and Tony Gardiner.

Thus you can tell people 'a trivia-riddle' by saying, "Which US state was the first African American president born in?"  The correct answer is Virginia, not Hawaii.  Because the first African American president born in the USA (not necessarily president of the USA) was Joseph Jenkins who was voted to a presidential office back in 1848.  Barack Obama of Hawaii was the providential 11th African-American president born in the USA to become a president of nation.  Providential in the sense that there are 11 stripes on the Liberian flag.

South Carolina also played a role as one of the founding fathers of Liberia.  President Smith was born in Charleston, South Carolina.

Although there has never been a Maryland born US president, Maryland was destined to have several men become president of Liberia: Steven Allen Benson, Daniel Warner, and Garretson Gibson.

Kentucky gave Liberia two presidents.  Alfred Russell and Colman were Kentucky born. Thus Kentucky holds the record of having the most native born sons become the leaders of three different nations: one for the USA via Lincoln, one for the Confederacy via Jefferson Davis, and two for Liberia via presidents Colman and Russell.

You can stump your friends with this trivia question: "Which US state has the most leaders of foreign nations?"  Answer: By a single head....Kentucky!  At the moment, all other states only ever had one native born son or daughter become the leader of a foreign nation.

 The only US born Liberian President from 'Free Northern Soil' was Edward Roye of Newark, Ohio.

Scotland Independence?

The most famous animated Scotsman, with high hopes.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Space Lego Logo

After over 30 years, they put My Lego Set in the Movie!  Aweeesssooome!!!!!!!!

Of vexillological note, the insignia of Space Lego Land featured a golden disc thought to be a planet withe red rocket ship breaking orbit. 

The Mystical Lollipop Vexilloid of the Master Builder Virtruvius

The wisest Master Builder from Lego Land - Virtruvius - throughout the movie holds a sacred totem in his hand from another dimension.  This mysterious object is a half eaten green lollipop from the realm of humans.

Little be it known, lollipops are magical talismans that capture the sweetness of sunshine and have the ability to transport the observer to happy land.  Usually children are best suited and emotionally prepared for this endeavor.  Unfortunately most adults however have forgotten how to access the lollipop bridge to happy land, likewise the creative joy of play creation is often forgotten by grownups as well.  Too bad, since humans in their adult stage prefer the cold and painful embrace of the Micromanagers. 


Flags in Lego Movie - 2014

 Several 'Lego Flags' appear in the Lego Movie 2014.  The first flag appears in the opening shot of the Lego City.  The flag looks like a horizontal tribar of sky blue, white, and sky blue.

Here in the surreal no-rules land of imagination - Cloud Cuckoo Land - you can see a flag off in the distance.
The Pirate Lego-Cyborg also has pennant Lego Flags on his back, wearing in similar style to old Feudal Japanese Samurai.  One flag is black and the other is gold.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Flags at Sea - An Infographic by John Tissott


 This elegant and fascinating infographic was created by John Tissott of the East Freemantle Yacht Club in Perth Australia.  Please feel free to visit their website here:

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Flag of Choam Company from the Moive Dune - 1984

The flag of the Choam Company that controls the mining of spice on the planet Arrakis features a golden background with central black disk slightly off center towards to hoist with red disc within the flag.

Choam Spice Mining Company Flag from Dune 1984

Here is the digitized version of the company responsible for mining spice on the planet Arrakis.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Analemma Flag

The Analemma Flag is composed of the colours blue, orange, yellow, and black.  The flag represents the sun crossing its path in sky.  The sun travels across the sky in a unique pattern and will only ever cross its path one day during the year.  It happens from about August 29th to September 1st every year.

You can often find an analemma on most globes, plastered somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  It is one of those geographic facts that is hard to explain and often overlooked.

It is appropriate to fly the analemma flag during the last week of August until September 1, when the sun decides to cross its path.  Also note the point on Earth when the sun crosses its path and is directly overhead is at the 9th degree latitude north. Consequently it can be flown all year round by any nation that lies on the 9 degrees north - "Solar Crisscross Line."  It can also be flown on ships when they cross this special line of latitude.