Friday, July 25, 2014

The Shehnai with Tassels from Serendipity 2001

 John Corbett stars in Serendipity as a musical East meets West musician playing the Shehnai, which is like an India Clarinet, or rather the Clarinet is a European Shehnai? 

Of vexillological value are the tassels that hang from his musical instrument.  Tassels can be found on the official fully decorated and fringed flag of most nations and states.  Here tassels add an artistic grace to a musical instrument.

Jon Corbett plays as Lars as an absurd over the top New Age musician.  Serendipity effectively makes fun of New Age Mysticism while also being serious and paradoxically light hearted about it.  Serendipity is serious business for some folks, yet this film pokes fun at it while gracefully weaving an enchanting story.

John is a superstar on all things considered with serendipity, but he effectively plays third chair in the star studded movie worthy of a best supporting secondary man of the best woman.

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