Friday, July 25, 2014

Tassels from Mystic Surrender in Serendipity 2001

John Corbett stars as Lars Hammond who is a cosmic new age Kenny G playing the Shehnai, and he is set to go on a world tour in Scandinavia. 

Serendipity sublimely goes where very few films can go, and go successfully, whereby it has a film within a film that helps in the revelation of the storyline.  The film within a film is like the moon of a moon, it is very rare thing and hard to pull off.

In this music video within this movie Lars uses music to soothe the proverbial savage beast.  In this case his enchanting music supposedly placates the warrior bound Vikings.  Of vexillological value are the tassels upon his instrument.  Although the trumpet is the ultimate carrier of the flag, the Shehnai is a choice item of the tassel. 

And on a langrian level, whilst the actors in the main story watch the video of Mystical Enchantment, we almost go down another layer when the makers of the video references Star Wars since one of the actors in the music video looks like Alec Guiness/Obi Wan of Star Wars

Not quite the third level down.  But I have yet to find a movie that has a movie within a movie within a movie that effectively moves the storyline, without being a novelty or art house.  The Simpsons and several cartoons have accomplished this feat, but not while having all three stories play simultaneously and never a major motion picture.  

But if you are a director they best way to do this is to have a stage play within a movie whereby they actors in the play within the film are watching a television show.  But the inner, inner tv show or movie must be original and an effective or essential device to the story.   Somebody call Christopher Nolan.

But back to the Serendipity, Lars feels that the video is counter intutive to the song's intention, but he lets his director have his way.  Ironically it ends up producing a backlash in Sweden and Norway, and they must cancel several shows.

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