Monday, July 28, 2014

Link's orginal Coat of Arms from "The Legend of Zelda" and armorial banner - 1986

 The ultimate adventure game was established in 1986 with the Legend of Zelda.  Who knew the popularity would carry on to now?  Adults and naysayers said video games were a fad, look at them now.

The heraldic armoroial banner is essentially a flag based upon the design of a knight's shield.  In this game Link's original shield did not consist of the Triforce, rather a lighter brown cross on darker brown background was the original design.

Here is the appropriate armorial banner for the shield of arms.  During game play, Link starts off with a smaller shield but he can get a bigger one, and the colours are the same.

Eventually Link can get a magical shield which has the same design but the cross is a slightly lighter brown, and almost white.

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