Friday, July 25, 2014

Flags of the Background of the Best Buds in Serendipity 2001

 Molly Shannon and Jeremey Piven star as exceptional best friends to two star bound lovers in the film Serendipity 2001.

Molly stars as Eve.  Eve is a New Age charlatan from San Francisco who has given up on Destiny, in order to make profit.  Molly sees her customers as helpless chumps to obtain profit.  However her best friend Sarah has tricked her on a voyage to NYC to follow a groovy follow the signs adventure.  Eventually Eve comes back to her groovy sense of center and becomes an advocate of the mysterious path of synchronicity.   

Jeremy is the lead's wing-man, Dean, who accompanies Jonathan across the nation to see the mission through.  In the beginning Dean feels nothing and is simply a sounding board of reason, but then the challenge stirs his spirit and he becomes a changed man willing to push his comfort zone and follow Jeremy on his illogical adventure.  And resolves to chasing his own heart's Destiny.

Flags appear as background props, that just happen to fall into camera shot.  Eve's flags are hanging from various store fronts and are intended to inform the public on a sale or the on goings of the storefront.  Behind Jeremy are national banners.  The flag of Switzerland, France and two others can be seen gently flapping in the background.  

Molly and Jeremy give gracefully amazing performances worthy of an Oscar.

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