Sunday, July 20, 2014

Flags and Banners from the "Wizard" - 1989

 Several flags and banners appear in the ultimate gamer video game movie of the 80sThe Wizard from 1989.  The video game contest is being held at Universal Studios and several banners announcing the Original Nintendo event can be seen in the background.    The banners are coloured neon yellow, green and pink.    The shirts and events read as "Video Armageddon."

The British flag can be seen behind Fred's older brother Christian Slater as they are searching for the run away contest gamers.

The flag a Utah can also barely be seen in the one of the seen shots.  It is at a roadside stop in the middle of nowhere, that the state flag of Utah makes a cameo.  Coincidentally Utah has a small role in the history of video games.   The original Home Entertainment Wizard was originally from Utah - Nolan Bushnell.     Bushnell was the founder of Atari

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