Thursday, July 10, 2014

Eye of the Tiger - Vexilloids from the Video 1982

The Eye of the Tiger hit the airwaves in 1982 and was created by the band Survivor with a push from Silvester Stallone.  Vexilloid like items appear at the end of the video as a golden wavy background while the band plays.

Another hard to spot vexilloid is a banner advertising Tiffany's hind-quarters.  Tiffany's banner just happens to be the colour of a tiger which is yellow and black.
Note the song Eye of the Tiger came into existence due to selfish hoarding attitudes.  Silvester Stallone originally wanted another song to be played in Rocky III, but he was denied.  Mr. Stallone then requested a similarly themed song be made... and walla' we have Eye of the Tiger. Suffice it to say thanks to that rejection!  In the aftermath of that push back we got an even cooler more memorable song that has survived the decades.

Can you spot the Tiger in the background?
It proves the ancient adage that sometimes it's better to let go and work around a problem, and a better solution with extra benefits is just around the corner.  The path of rejection can lead to unexpected hidden treasures. 

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