Monday, July 28, 2014

Dartmouth Pennant in Superbad - 2007

In 2007 the next gen of high school movies crossed a new wall on the frontier of the lovable looser.  More chuckle busting than the brat pack, more sentimental that fast times, and finally more nutritious than stale American pie.  It showed us a new generation gap and level of thinking.  Superbad made fun at the weakness of high school immaturity and put a hero's halo on kids who were not popular ace-holes in school.   

Of vexillological interest is the school pennant of a prestigious school in New Hampshire, Dartmouth.  It can be seen hanging in Evan's room.  You can even see a pirate flag on this bulletin board.

This movie was made just before the outbreak of Facebook's domination on social studies.  Superbad was the last of its kind in the Era of American High School  before advent of social media dominance.

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