Friday, July 18, 2014

An Expansion of Royal Suits for the Cards

The time has come to expand the playing card universe.  Imagine playing poker, gin rummy or solitaire with these new face cards.  It'll make it more exciting!

The Emperor is now the highest ranking card of the deck in the Nobility Pack, next to an Ace.  Here the Emperor of Spades is wearing the Imperial Crown.  The Emperor is represented by the letter E.  There is also an Emperor of Hearts, Emperor of Diamonds, and Emperor of Clubs. 

 The King of Spades ranks below the Emperor and above the Duke.  Here the King is wearing the Royal British Crowns.

The Duke is a new suit just below the King and above the Marquess.  The Duke is represented by the letter D.  Note there is a Duke of Hearts, Duke of Diamonds, and Duke of Clubs.

 The Marquess is a new playing card rank.  The Marquess is below a Duke but above an Earl.  The Marquess is represented by the letter M.   Here the Marquess of Spades is wearing the heraldic crown reserved for the English Marquess.   New Marquesses include the Marquess of Hearts, Marquess of Diamonds, and Marquess of Clubs.

 The Earl is ranked below a Marquess yet above a Viscount.  The Earl is represented by the letter L since E is already taken by the Emperor.  Here the Earl of Spades is wearing the crown that belongs to the Earls of England.  So there is now an Earl of Hearts, and Earl of Diamonds, and an Earl of Clubs.

Ranks of Nobility in other nations usually call this position the Count, which is above the 'Vice-Count' and below the Marquess.  Thus the matching English Equivalent to Count Dracula would be Earl Dracula.

And if you grew up in America it'd be Earl Chocula instead of Count Chocula.  Likewise the purple puppet Count would be the 'Counting Earl' on Sesame Street.  

 The Viscount is represented by the letter V.  Viscounts rank above the Barons yet below the Earls/Counts.  The Viscount of Spades is wearing the heraldic English Viscount crown. New cards include the Viscount of Hearts, Viscount of Diamonds, and Viscount of Clubs.


 The lowest normal rank of nobility is the Baron.  The Baron is below all the royal suits yet above the Jack.  Here the letter B represents the Baron.  We now have a Baron of Hearts, Baron of Diamonds, and Baron of Clubs. 

Due to the popularity of the Red Baron and Baron in fiction or Red Baron Pizza.  The Baron is basically the lowest level of nobility.  In America people often confuse a Baron with a high royal rank.   Yet it's better to be a Baron than a Knight or regular peasant folk.


These new playing cards with added ranks of Nobility are crowned with the standard English Heraldic Crowns.  But the Spades only use English items.  The Hearts expanded family shall be crowned with French Crowns.  The Diamonds expanded family will be crowned with Spanish Crowns, while the Clubs expanded family will be crowned with Austrian Crowns.  Thus you can learn a little something about the Crowns and titles of Nobility when playing cards.  And the next time you read about some Duke or see someone mention the Count and Baron in a movie you'll know where they are in the order of Nobility.

And when playing cards you really can 'Put up your Dukes.'

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