Saturday, June 14, 2014

Flags in the Film 12 Monkeys - 1995

 The US flag makes a brief cameo in the seminal 1990s time travel movie 12 Monkeys. The film is a layered upon layered time drama that gets better with each viewing since it is designed with details that can only be noticed after secondary views.
 Red flags also appear at the 'airport-convention' center.  A group of tourists from East Asia are passing by when our hero and heroine meet each other.  Unlike most time travel movies, this one is where the traveler comes from the future to the present moment of 1995, Philadelphia.

 A story of love, fate, science and control it makes new connections that time travel has its hazards on the mind and shows the nature of man to seize freedom when given a chance to break free rather than return to doldrums of tyrannical corporate control. 

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