Saturday, May 3, 2014

Flag for US Citizens born in Europe

The flag for European Born Americans has a white filed and Betsy Ross Canton and one red stripe.  The white filed represents the ancient association of the mythical White Tiger of the West. This flag is for Americans born abroad in Europe or who later became US Citizens later in life.

The area of land also includes the European regions of Turkey, Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Water is used as they key dividing lines separating continents, rather than land-mountains, thus the division between Europe and Asia is based upon four rivers: the Ural River and Mass-to-Ob River for the East-to-West Axis ; and the Kura River and Rioni River with the North-to-South between the two continents.  Water is the key element that creates a natural separation between islands and areas of land.

Thus Americans born in Georgia north of the Rioni River can use this flag.  Likewise Americans born in Russia west of the Ural and Mass-Ob River to the western wing of the Mass River can use this flag.

The majority of Americans born under this flag are US Military Brats born on US bases all across Western Europe with a heavy concentration in the western area of Germany.

Famous Europe Born Americans:
Bruce Willis
Albert Einstein
LeVar Burton
Arnold Schwarzenegger

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