Saturday, May 3, 2014

A US Flag for the Third Next 13 Group of States from Florida to the Dakotas - USA PART III (1845-1889) THE NEWER 13

This flag is based upon the Legendary Betsy Ross Flag.  Although Betsy's claims may be less than original, Ms. Ross was definitely a part of the first of American Women to sew flags from that era and help the Revolutionary Cause.

This flag is for the next 13 states that joined the union after the first two groups of 13.  Thus the states of Florida, Texas, Iowa, Wiscosin, California, Minnesota, Oregon, Kansas, West Virgina, Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado, and either Dakota can fly this flag. 

Although only 13 states should have the right to fly this flag either North Dakota or South Dakota can fly this flag since the order of their entry is unknown.  When President Benjamin Harrison signed them in on November 2, 1889 he purposely singed them in without know'n who'd be the 39th or 40th state.  So both Dakotas can fly this flag.

This flag has a white canton with 13 blue stars to represent the third group of 13 states, the twenty-sixth state unto the thirty-ninth state, and four white stripes, three red stripes, and six blue stripes.

The six blue stripes denote states that have a coast line: Florida, Texas, California, Oregon, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The three red stripes denote the three states born during the Civil War-Secession: Kansas, West Virginia, and Nevada. The four white stripes denote the other northern states: Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, and either Dakota.

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