Sunday, April 20, 2014

Metropolitan Police Department Flag from - 21 Jump Street 2012

The seminal high school undercover classic television show 21 Jump Street was reboot in an epic comedic post grad high school film, 21 Jump Street 2012.  Sometimes the universe puts together two unlikely heroes.  In this case two men who missed out on their prom are fatefully given a second chance to prom while saving the day.   This movie is part high school drama and part cop show.  In a weird way it is a social commentary on high school life with all its pluses and minuses.  It takes all the judgemental icky suburban social ugliness and turns it upside down with giggles and jokes. 

The flag of the Metropolitan Police can be seen in several scenes.  It is composed of the city logo with a blue background.  Here Ice Cube stars as the chief of the undercover 21 Jump Street Team.  The police building is in an abandoned Korean-American Church, as you can see the stain glass window in the background and a left over cross behind Captain Dickinson.  The movie gives an uplifting message with hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and things can work out, but often in a way you would never have expected.

Hoppy Easter

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