Friday, April 18, 2014

Flags from Get Low, A True Tall Tale - 2010

Get Low is an old fashioned yarn with a certain kind of charm, in a similar steady pace and tone to Driving Miss Daisy.  It is serious cinema that addresses the issues of guilt, forgiveness, and redemption.  It gets preachy without being all that preachy, it simply lets the story tell itself.

If you can't stand to sit though this movie, then you need eat at the kiddie table, and shouldn't be bossing anybody around. 

A well put together film that packed with nutritious themes.  In another scene the patriotic bunting can be seen on the stage.  The US Flag can be seen in the corner store window.

Carrying guilt effects one and in a serendipitous way connects us to others in ways that only the mysterious chords of history yet to come can unravel and understand.

Have an Extra Good Friday this Friday!



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