Saturday, April 26, 2014

Flash Flag from Flash Rebirth as illustrated by Ethan Van Sciver 2011

A flag on top of the dome of the Flash Museum features a flash flag.  It has red background with the Flash insignia in the upper right hand corner.  Red flags are usually not so American Patriotic, but only if it has the Flash icon upon it, it seems rightfully to chant USA, USA, USA!  Besides the Flash Flag, the livery colours of the Flash can be seen on streamer pennants of red and yellow.

This scene was taken from Flash Rebirth 2009 and wonderfully illustrated with exquisite detail by Ethan Van Sciver and a nacho supreme story written by Geoff Johns about the amazing return of the Heroic Flash - Barry Allen - who 'died' in 1985.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Glendale Music School Banner - The Jackson Five and Carol Burnett

A banner from the Glendale Music School can be seen in a short comedy sketch featuring Carol Brunett and the Jackson 5. It has a white background and funky Fleur-De-Li's like symbol.  In this video the classroom banners have been reversed so they face the camera the correct way, so they can be read.

During age of television or one way media, things were different but not so different.  Classroom shenanigans and smart mouthing has been around since before TV and radio, but back then their were harsh consequences for being a showboat.

But when teachers are able to turn up and expand previously unreachable minds, the Earth will certainly feel like it's moving. 


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Metropolitan Police Department Flag from - 21 Jump Street 2012

The seminal high school undercover classic television show 21 Jump Street was reboot in an epic comedic post grad high school film, 21 Jump Street 2012.  Sometimes the universe puts together two unlikely heroes.  In this case two men who missed out on their prom are fatefully given a second chance to prom while saving the day.   This movie is part high school drama and part cop show.  In a weird way it is a social commentary on high school life with all its pluses and minuses.  It takes all the judgemental icky suburban social ugliness and turns it upside down with giggles and jokes. 

The flag of the Metropolitan Police can be seen in several scenes.  It is composed of the city logo with a blue background.  Here Ice Cube stars as the chief of the undercover 21 Jump Street Team.  The police building is in an abandoned Korean-American Church, as you can see the stain glass window in the background and a left over cross behind Captain Dickinson.  The movie gives an uplifting message with hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and things can work out, but often in a way you would never have expected.

Hoppy Easter

Friday, April 18, 2014

Flags from Get Low, A True Tall Tale - 2010

Get Low is an old fashioned yarn with a certain kind of charm, in a similar steady pace and tone to Driving Miss Daisy.  It is serious cinema that addresses the issues of guilt, forgiveness, and redemption.  It gets preachy without being all that preachy, it simply lets the story tell itself.

If you can't stand to sit though this movie, then you need eat at the kiddie table, and shouldn't be bossing anybody around. 

A well put together film that packed with nutritious themes.  In another scene the patriotic bunting can be seen on the stage.  The US Flag can be seen in the corner store window.

Carrying guilt effects one and in a serendipitous way connects us to others in ways that only the mysterious chords of history yet to come can unravel and understand.

Have an Extra Good Friday this Friday!



Sunday, April 13, 2014

US Flag in Inception 2010

 The US flag just barley slips in the 2010 seminal movie about dreams.  As the hero enters customs at Los Angeles International Airport, the bottom half of the US flag can be seen - the bottom four stripes. 

Dominick, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, gets clearance from a multinational corporate conglomerate to reenter the United States after inserting an idea into anther persons dream, which is termed 'inception' in this film. 
The architect of the key inception dream world is Ariadne played by Ellen Paige.  When Ariadne passes through customs the badge of the combined US Customs Homeland Security badge can be seen.   

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Flags in Dirty Dancing 1987

Before the occlusion of Dancing with the Stars on the Imagination of the American Public, there was Dirty Dancing twirling in from 1987.  It was the classic retro movie of the early 1960s created in the 1980s.   The soundtrack successfully blended the early sixties with the later eighties dance pop.

A coming of Age Movie in more ways than one, not just for girls but reflective as well for society.  The cultural shift in America from the 1961 to 1969, has never been matched on any magnitude before.
Dirty Dancing addressed serious issues of the heart, family relationships, class structure, and dancing with a distinguished sparkle.  More than just a sermon, it was a second movement to Foot Loose Philosophy, with a dramatic and fairytale charm.

Unique vexillological items of interest include the plastic putting flags of Kellerman's Mountain House retreat, that use the K emblem.  The US flag also appears on the porch workers residence.  The US flag can be seen behind Patrick Swayze's head as he gets into a scuffle with an egoic, mean spirited college boy.

Starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, it falls into the Some Where Over the Rainbow Class of movies that include the like of The Wizard of Oz, Back to the Future, Titanic, and Star Wars.  And done with less industrial magic and more with good old fashioned authentic butter and bread theatrical A+ acting.