Friday, March 28, 2014

Chariklo Flag - 10199 Dwarf Planet

 The flag of Chariklo uses the colours green, black and white.  Chariklo 10199 is the King of Centaurs, but the most unique aspect is that it is has its own ring system.

Discovered February 15, 1997 it is one of the gems of the outer dwarf planets. It orbits in between Saturn and Uranus, crossing over nearer to Uranus.  In the speculative picture below it can be seen flying by Uranus.

The cycle of this minor planet is about 63 years old.  We are thus in Chariklo Age I, and its the second age of Chariklo II in the year 2060.  By that time a bot will certainly visit this amazing gem of the outer solar system.

Astrologically it represent the full emergence of the internet and networking of the world as single virtual city.

Photo Credits:
Chariklo -
, 19:00:00

Image of Uranus: 


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  1. Interesting idea, giving Chariklo a flag. I question a few things from this blog post, however. First, since Chariklo was named after a female in myth, shouldn't your post call her Queen of the Centaurs rather than King? Second, where did you get the astrological symbol? There is a symbol that has been widely used for Chariklo since shortly after it was named. The artists's page, in Polish, is and you can see the symbol, but the symbol is also used on and as well as several other sites, and at least two books.