Monday, March 31, 2014

Flags in the video game Paperboy 1984 by Atari

 Back in the day when video game machines ate quarters, the mall or beach side arcade was the it place in the 1980s.

One of the classic games from that era was Paperboy.  The game playfully parodied normal and weird people in suburbia - break dancers, hobos, angry kids, and wild animals.  The object of the game was to deliver papers.  It also acted as an outlet for neighborhood mischief since you could get extra points for smashing windows or destroying property of non-subscribing customers.
Flags appear on the big wheel kids and remote control cars.  After delivering the papers, a special off road challenge is given.  At the end of the course several little girls are waving blue pennant flags.  Sure it's odd that people would cheer a paperboy, but it was the 80s and so like totally appropriate for this so cheesy and still playful video game.

They should make paperboy mods for the inner city, country, Japan side street, deep south, 1950s version, Russian Paperboy, Simpson's Paperboy, American Dad Paperboy, Beavis and Butthead Paperboy, South Park Paper Boy, That 70's Show Paper Boy, Snoopy and Peanuts Paperboy, Nyan Cat Paper Boy, Disney Paper Boy, Pokemon Paperboy, Ninja Turtles Paperboy, Star Wars Paperboy, Die Hard it'd be so much fun.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Chariklo Flag - 10199 Dwarf Planet

 The flag of Chariklo uses the colours green, black and white.  Chariklo 10199 is the King of Centaurs, but the most unique aspect is that it is has its own ring system.

Discovered February 15, 1997 it is one of the gems of the outer dwarf planets. It orbits in between Saturn and Uranus, crossing over nearer to Uranus.  In the speculative picture below it can be seen flying by Uranus.

The cycle of this minor planet is about 63 years old.  We are thus in Chariklo Age I, and its the second age of Chariklo II in the year 2060.  By that time a bot will certainly visit this amazing gem of the outer solar system.

Astrologically it represent the full emergence of the internet and networking of the world as single virtual city.

Photo Credits:
Chariklo -
, 19:00:00

Image of Uranus: 


Monday, March 24, 2014

First Fraternal Flag Lecture: August 4, 2007 at the Omega Institute for Holisitic Studies - Rhinebeck, NY

The first time that I gave an open public lecture about the Fraternal Flag matching idea was nearly seven years ago.  On August 4, 2007 the generous staff at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Rhinebeck Campus in Upper New York State allowed me to express this idea.

I was excited to give the lecture and it was only afterwards that I realized that this was indeed my first place to talk about this phenomena that is deeply reflective of synchronicity and providence.

It is difficult to make out the flag phenomena from the picture.  It was easier to notice the pattern in person.  It was a perfect day, of sunny and warm in the sun and cool in the shade.

The talk took place at the Movement Studio, and the reception was universally positive.  People were amazed to see the pattern revealed before their eyes. Afterwards we went on a walking meditation, which means to walk without any inner dialogue and allow the space to speak for itself.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Flags in Where is the Love? 2003 - The Black Eyed Peas

 In the official video for Where is the Love? by the Black Eyed Peas a unique flag makes an appearance. The flag has black background in the center is red question mark that is surrounded by a white box.  The flag or appears all throughout the video.  Its purpose is to provoke thought about the state of the world, for the viewer and public. 

Here the Peas Team is riding bikes and the flag can be seen attached to one of the bikes.  The theme of the song is about questioning the media, greed, government, and war. In 2003 the War on Terror kicked into high gear with Iraq War Part II.

The song questions death squads on both ends of the spectrum of society, from the CIA at one end to the other, with street gangs like the Blood and Crips.  Both groups are familiar with summoning the Angel of Death with extreme prejudice but by different protocols, yet the ugly and tragic shroud of sin covers the heart of the executor no matter the justification.    

A large Question Banner is unfurled on what looks like city hall.  Above the question mark banner are smaller US flags. This song is part poem, part prayer, and part wake up call.

Here the Black Eyed Peas are pointing up to show that we are all one community interconnected in one world, and just because other people who are not of our nation or look different, they still deserve a level human respect. Notice the while lion on the jumpsuit with a vexilloid. 


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Other Flags from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989

 Many flags appear in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989 starring Sean Connery and Harrison Ford.  During their interrogation scene several heraldic banners can be seen hanging from the walls of the castle.  It is nearly impossible to distinguish what exactly is upon them but these flags add to the background.

 It looks like this motorboat is registered to Austria.  Flags at the back of the boat or rather rear rudder-engine area are simply known as the rear ensign, which denotes the national registry of the boat - kind'a like a license plate. 

 The flag of this boat is a horizontal tri-bar of black-white-black.  It looks like the colours of Prussia but Prussia was no longer around, at least officially in the 1930s.

The British Red Ensign made an appearance in this movie, during the boat chase. The British Red Ensign has a red field with the regular UK flag in the upper left corner - also known in flag jargon as the canton.

The Kingdom of Italy flag also appears briefly in this picture.  The main difference between the modern Italian Flag and the Kingdom Flag is a coat of arms.  The Kingdom has a white cross on red field with a blue border.

A middle eastern flag with a red eight pointed star trimmed in yellow on a green background. 

Nazi Flags in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989

It seems that the Nazi flag is a permanent fixture on Hollywood sets.  In normal discourse the waving of a Nazi flag is a big no no.

But when used appropriately, it is an essential movie prop.  A prop that probably can't used in high school theater but whenever a WWII film is made it will be put to 'good' use.

In 1989 the Nazi Flag was waved in the faces of the American Public again, and with great profit and ironic humor. During one of the Nazi Propoganda rallies, Dr. Jones accidentally bumps into Hitler and is mistaken as an officer in the SS and gets his autograph. 

  The flags in these scenes are perfect Roman Vexilloids of the modern era.  These types of vexillums keep a flag's face upright and independent of a blowing breeze. This type of flag would be useful indoors, instead of the typical wrinkled hard to identify flag at rest with no wind.  But since Nazi Germany adopted these types of flags, this style of flag has been pushed to the back along with lighter than air airship technology. 

 Of course the swastika is much older symbol than Nazi Germany, it has been negatively tainted in the Western mind with this most harshest and mean spirited political movements of our times.  At least in India and with Buddhism the negative association with this symbol is muted, with a more peaceful and positive association.

Circus Train Flags "Dunn & Duffy Combined Circus" from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - 1989

 In the 1980s only two men played the role of Indiana Jones in film - Harrison Ford and River Phoenix.  River Phoenix played Mr. Jones as a young boy and in his first death defying episode on a circus train running at high speeds.

Of vexillological note are the circus advertisement flags flailing in the background.  They are long streamers with swallow tail ends.   The body is mostly an eye catching yellow with a red border.  The flags also announce the name of the circus.

 The grand coincidence is that Indiana Jones movies are much like the modern day circuses that came to town every few years.  It was a great show, but in many cases the modern day action spectacular movie has become nothing more than big stunt show.
 But the difference with Indiana Jones is that a little bit of educational dressing is thrown into the mix so it doesn't just necessarily feel like a monster truck rally.  It mixes history with legend into an exciting and memorable story.  


Friday, March 21, 2014

Walley World Flag - National Lampoon's Vacation 1983

 You can barely see the 'presidential' Walley World Flags at the front of the limo.  Normally national flags are flown in this spot.  But the makers of National Lampoon's Vacation had an eye for detail and made sure limosuine car flags were in the film.
The badge of the Walley World employee can be seen on John Candy's upper right shirt.

Flags in National Lampoon's Vacation - 1983

 In 1983 the Chevy Chase starred in the immortal family vacation film gone horribly and hilariously wrong - National Lampoon's Vacation.  Sometimes vacation can feel like work, and other days work can feel like vacation.  But we have a work of cinematic gold poking fun at all the things that can go wrong. The title card for the movie features a 48 starred American Flag, which was before the entry of Hawaii and Alaska.
 A more unique flag can be seen in the Walley Moosernaut who is holding a silver pennant with two Ws on it that represent Walley World. 
Brightly colored pennants and theme parks go hand in hand.  Flags of this sort covey a festive celebratory attitude.  In the entrance way of Walley World a large red and yellow pennant can be seen.

This film included the teamwork talents of the Everybody's Uncle All American Dream Team: Chevy Chase, Randy Quaid, Harold Ramis, John Candy, and John Hughes.