Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sochi Olympic Flags

(((under consturction)))

Friday, February 7, 2014

Spinky the Vexi-Cat

Something a little personal, before any blog posts are posted, our cat Spinky edits and censors appropriate material. Behind her head is the canton of stars from the American Flag - the 50 starred version. Spinky likes to fetch, chase her tail, and will stare you down in the eyes without flinching.  She also likes to sing before bed and loves lasers.

Why do we love pets?  In a world full of deception and people who want to sell us stuff, it is nice to see a sentient being that can only be honest and want our love. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Little Pony Michigan Flag by Amazome

A great flag I found while looking for a flag of Michigan, very funny and cute. The green tattoos on the horses are the shape of the state.

 Created by Amazome

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pre-Centennial 1676 American Flag

This flag commemorates the era of time 100 years before the Declaration of Independence.  The patterns of the UK, Sweden, Spain, France, and the Netherlands can be found in this flag. Additionally the colours of the Pan-Africa Flag are present. It only has 12 stripes since only 12 of the original rebel colonies were in existence in 1676. Georgia was yet a twinkle in some English-man's eye.

Imagine traveling back to July 4, 1676?  What a weird and wondrous time.  None of the founding fathers were alive.  However the first cell of Benjamin Franklin was around and patiently waiting since 1667.

This flag honors the hand that the Kings and Queens of France, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Spain who shaped America in her embryonic stage.  And without a doubt there were many Princes and Princess from Africa who were drafted into bondage so that America could find her footing and become a rich and abundant nation.

In 1676 the English Colonies were ruled by Charles the II as the restored King.  The Colonies just passed through the Kingless Decade of the Experimental Republic Commonwealth of 1650-1659, with Oliver Cromwell as the national leader.

The People having trouble with the King, started long before King George the III in 1776.  British Congress (Parliament) had King Charles the II executed for his tyrannical rule.  Note, only a few colonies were around to remember this part of their history.  The Pre-Revolutionary Kingless Phase of Colonial History is almost always skipped over in US Civic Classes as a kind of dirty secret, since the government murdered the King in 1649.

This flag commemorates the ancient colonies lost in the annals of time before 1676: The Swedish-American Colonies, Dutch-American Colonies, Spanish-American Colonies, French-American Colonies, and sweat and blood sacrifice of the African-American pioneers who were drafted by fate to help establish and ensure the stability of America during her infancy.   

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Flags in the documentary "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage" 1980

Carl Sagan starred in a public television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage.  It was first broadcast across the nation in 1980.  This thirteen part series explained in simple words the complexity of the universe through the gifted talking talents of Carl Sagan.  This series made Carl Sagan a house hold name and added little bit of rock star magic to the spirit of science.

Flags appear in several scenes, in an episode that explains genetic diversity the red banners of a Japanese Butterfly feudal clan are shown along a beach.

In another part the flag of the Netherlands Kingdom can be seen flying in the background.  Similar to the current flag of the Netherlands, the only difference is that red is replaced by orange.  Yet in an Eastern perspective red and orange is also conceptualized as the same colour.  However the distinction of orange and red is a modern shift made more apparent due to the immigration of Western Ideas.   Easy it is to point out the Western Influence on the East, yet harder it is to notice the Eastern influence on the West.

The US flag sublimely appears as an arm patch on a US astronaut working outside of his or her space vehicle.

This television series was epic on shaping the mind of many a American and non-American, causing them to enter into careers related to science.

The great synchronicity of this series is that it rode along the wake of galactic imagination as a torrent of excitement about space and the future was first stirred with Star WarsCosmos was a second delicious rational whammy for those interested in sci-fi and science.  Both Star Wars and Cosmos had memorable themes that penetrated into the soul with a cosmic forte.  The composition of John Williams was timeless and parallel to generations yet to come and those before, while Vangelis was perpendicular giving away its position with scientific accuracy as a photographic anthem of the 1980s. 

In the big picture Cosmos is a scientific poem that sung upon the graces of objective and rational thinking, with a hidden undertone to respect mother earth or Gaea. 

Cosmos asked us not to take science and technology for granted, and to appreciate the magnificence of technology.  It has put us on the threshold of a great social and mind expanding era unlike anything seen before.  For much care and respect must be taken, for strange days are set before us unlike anything imagined before.