Saturday, January 4, 2014

Three Man American Flag Outfit - That '70s Show

Using the American Flag as clothing is officially against the quasi-legal US Flag Code.  But the code has never really stopped anyone from doing so.  Even during the 1800s, early 1900s, and today in the 2000s business often manufacture and promote clothing based on the motif of the US federal flag.  

One particular unique kind of American Flag Outfit was the 'Three Man-Flag' as shown on That '70s Show in late '90s.  In the episode when President Ford comes to visit the local town in Wisconsin.  The man in charge in coordinating the meeting decides to wear the three-man flag outfit, with his family. 

The father - Bob Pinciotti - is in the center wearing all stripes, his wife - Midge Pinciotti - is in stripes along the fly, and their daughter - Donna - is wearing the canton of stars.  Mr. Pinciotti also had them wave back and fourth, as if waving in the breeze. 

It is too bad that there are too many stripes, but that leaves the door open for another multi-flag man outfit. Perhaps a family of four or five is the best fit for such an outfit?

The styles of the decade change and fallout of the cool so quickly in the United States, but everyonce in a while a wonderous flashback is brought to attention in way retro-superior coolness.  That '70s Show is one of them.  Feeling nostalgic for the late 90s, 00s tv show?  Click here ---

Perhaps if you're a student?  Watching old TV shows will become a part of social studies-English class in the future?  A report of the Flying Nun or Andy Griffith show will certainly turn heads of the teacher. 

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