Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Soda-Pop Can Streamer - from That '70s Show

 The soda or pop-can streamer is a home made craft vexilloid.  It is an accidental kind of vexilloid whose length is determined by the thirst of the person or persons who create it.  Like most other vexilloids it is not very useful, but is a kind of merit badge that somewhat accurately reports the beverage consumption of the persons involved. 
 Here Ashton Kutcher, Michael Kulso, adds another link in the line of soda-pop tabs.  An interesting side note is that when people throw a hissy fit over calling it "POP" or "SODA" they are not interested in coming to peaceful accord.  Rather they enjoy the mental-emotional skirmish of mentally wrestling.  If you are tired of such an inane and nearly pointless debate - it is best to call the pop-soda in question a carbonated beverage beforehand.
The gang of teenagers hanging out in the basement, notice the length of the soda can chain.  Note that beer, sparkling cider, seltzer, or carbonated water can tabs can be used in this manner. 

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