Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Flags in Voices of Babylon video - 1989 The Outfield

In the video for the Voices of Babylon by the Outfield - 1989 semaphore flags manifest in artistic cinematic overlays.  In one part, a gas masked director wielding what looks like a deuce of semaphoric flags as seems to direct winged troops, slaves, or perhaps unconscious sleeping workers.

As the song invokes the spirit of Babylon, an ancient solid echo of what looks like a master commanding a servant is speaking with some kind of vexilloid or flag upon a primitive engraving.

The song speaks of political and historical ties, yet the prose - lyrical dissonant - as in this post - is highly non-conventional and superfluously encoded to a feeling, and little to natural direct common meaning. Making it almost nil to logically impossible to perceive normal prosaic intention.