Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Flags in Legally Blonde - 2001

Happy New Year!!!  What better way to start the new year with happy vibes - ergo Legally Blonde........

Thirteen years ago Reese Witherspoon starred in the serious comedic courtroom drama - Legally Blonde 2001.   Notice the Harvard school coat of arms on the pillow. This court room dramedy, has several serious messages delivered in a light hearted manner, in a kind of angelic manner.

The first mantra which never gets old is to have faith in yourself!  Cause, it is so easy to dobut oneself, it's like a bad habit worse than smoking, that so many people can not quit.

Secondly, helping others sets off a karmic chain reaction that only ends up helping yourself in the long run - so freaking help others when your heart makes its little tingle.  If you don't know what that feels like, then think about low brow peoples who get tingles all the time like when they are 13, so...... the same thing happens in your heart all day - freaking follow it!!  A duh!?  Unlike low brow bottom tingles, heart centered tingles will always come back to you! 

Thirdly, Harvard is not all dry stuffy, snobby jerky wads on ego trips.  Yeah we, got em' there but a good percentage are like awesome people!  Besides jerky snobby people are like from any kind of college or work space.

Oops! forgot that like a bunch of neat flags show up in the movie.  The flag of Massachusetts appears a lot, as does the USA flag.  More original and obscure flags include a Harvard Law School pennant and the Harvard Gonfalone.  FYI (For Your Information) a Gonfalone is a big flag that is  usually hung from the topside and has a jagged cut bottom.

Oops time two, another important message of this movie is that just because I have pretty blonde hair dosen't mean that I don't care, I'm stupid, or self absorbed.  Finally, don't be afraid to be happy or nurture happy vibes.  Surely sadness has its place, but in the end we can turn that frown upside down!

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