Saturday, January 18, 2014

Flags and other Vexilloids is Deepak Chopra's The Rabbit Hole Series: Journey to Englightenment

 Flags can be briefly seen in the internet short upon the Chopra Well on Youtube: Journey to Enlightenment, The Rabbit Hole with Deepak Chopra, uploaded on May 20, 2013.  Flags appear in the scene were cosmic consciousness is explained, during an overlay image of fisherman and a jungle.  The outline of several flags appear upon the fishing boat on the right, but it is nearly impossible to make out any detail.

Another vexilloid that is popular with its associations with youth is the hand held pinwheel wind catcher.  A rainbow coloured pinwheel vexilloid is held by a young boy who is full of joy running though a wheat field.

These series of videos, The Rabbit Hole, hosted by Deepak Chopra expounds upon the various ideas and ways to expand into higher and happier states of being.

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