Saturday, November 23, 2013

Flags in South Park's Army of X Box vs. Sony Playstaion Empire - 2013

 Video game console wars are a modern era rivalry.  The most lauded console war in mid 1980s was between Sega and Nintendo.  Nintendo won.  Currently X-box and Sony Playstaion are today's main rivals, while Nintendo has fallen a bit behind the times.

In the most recent episode of South Park's 17th Season the town kids have formed two factions - one is pro-X-Box One and the other is for Sony Playstation 4.

This episode combines the shopping madness of Black Friday with the often acerbic debate between gamers on the 'best' console.  Most importantly to vexillology is the appearance of unique flags.  The X-Box faction as led by Eric Cartman has an eight pointed star of black and white on an orange background.  While Kenny's Playstation faction is led by a royal princess want that has a Fleur-Di-Li's design with three streamers of varying shades of pink. 

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