Sunday, November 24, 2013

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - 1975

 After more than one thousand years after the reign of King Aethelstan, a troop of modern story makers retold of the great chronicle of the Legendary King Arthur in stunning accuracy by the Monty Python guild of scorers and associated artists.

Many flags are shown in the semi-historical work of fiction.  The emblem for King Arthur features a yellow sun in splendor with a mustache on a white background.

 As King Arthur travels the English country side he gains the helpful assistance of other knoble knights throughout the kingdom.  As Aurthur has his royal standard so to do the other brave knights of the semi-round table.  Knote its knot really a round table, but a more accurate description would be a flat cylinder like object.  Thusly a more proper descirption should be King Aurther and the Knights of the Cylindrical Table.  

 There are kbunch of kflags - one has checkery green klike pattern with some kkind of black kbird.  Another for kthe knoble guy red kcross and then there is a black one that's kinda' kcool.  I think there are a few others but they are khard to make kout.

In the final kbattle royal the original knights are joined by a mass of other knights to kdefeat the enemy.  Knote the flag and kkemblem of Sir Lancelot is a funky white tree without its leaves on half of a kblue backgroud.

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